Bringing Sweaty Back

But…how does it work?

This post is an up close look into exactly how my virtual training sessions work.

As a certified personal trainer/FITness instructor, it was easy to conduct workout sessions from home during the pandemic. I would simply plan the workouts, que the music and perform the workouts. It was sort of follow the leader, do what I do kind of stuff. I typically offer modifications for beginners and or folks who don’t have workout equipment and we essentially work out together.

Once the “stay at home” orders lifted and people began to trickle back into the gym, my goal was to engage women in the gym and those on the virtual live or recorded sessions.

Abercrombie & FITness monthly subscription

Personal training / weight training/ strength training increase energy, fight fatigue, lose weight, lower risk of heart attack and stroke, plus increase overall muscle tone!



It’s a given that the girls who come to the studio reap the benefit of working with actual gym equipment. But I want the workouts to encompass those at home in their living rooms as well. To make it work and simple, I give the “in gym” women the instructions on the movements. Then I hit record/start the meeting and in my spunky fitness instructor voice, I ask the the girls on LIVE or taking the recording to follow me. I demonstrate the exercise and show how to do the movements from home or gym and with little or no equipment. It’s not complicated.

I stress the importance of form on each individual exercise and suggest weight to lift for beginners, intermediate and or advanced.

While the girls in house begin to chat, I do my best to also keep the girls online engaged and involved as we get through each round of movements.

We chat, BUT we stay focused. Each workout is unique and as we workout we encourage each other via laughter, girl talk, and friendship.


One of the biggest benefits of a monthly subscription to the Abercrombie & FITness workout is TIME! These workouts are ready and waiting for you at 4am, 6pm, 2am or anytime you’re ready to engage and get after it. You don’t have to plan for traffic or drive time. There is no awkward gym chit chat, and no gym bag required. NO monthly fees or dues. Just straight up personal training from your home or gym on your time.

My clients brag about feeling like a true pro or a gym boss. They que up my workouts on their phone and do the workouts from the gym. The folks around them are not necessarily aware that they are in reality following a personal trainer led workout. BUT THEY ARE! Due to my explicit instructions my clients look & feel like they know what they are doing in and around the gym and this makes me so proud.

Regardless if you’re outside, in home or in gym…these workouts are guaranteed to lift your spirits, tighten your tush, offer weight loss, increased stamina and overall strength leading to optimal health.

All of my workouts include a meal plan. A guide to clean eating. A non restrictive high protein, low carb, low fat diet plan.

It’s more fun to workout out with non-judgemental encouraging and motivating friends. Where ever you are in your FITness journey, I’m here for you!

Lifting weights burns fat! It’s science. Even 5 pound dumbbells are effective for a HIIT workout. (high intensity interval training)

I’m changing bodies, mindsets and circulating blood flow. Let’s break some sweat together! Sign up with the link above or message me for details.

Love, LIFT and BE FIT!


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