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FITness stinks 

I can’t argue that umpteen aspects of health and FITness matter of factly STINK. As in literally SMELL.

Several years back, my Mr. Chicken Fry began to point out all of the stenchy foods I consume. What a guy right? To my surprise he had a very strong observant point. Back off Toucan Sam!

It’s true and I admit it now.  Almost every food I delight in has a distinct foul odor. Some meals even worthy from the confines of a hazmat suit.   PEE EUW!  BUT, I have concluded that I simply cannot care about the offensive trace of rotten death!   I’m willing to sacrifice the smell for healthy cuisine.

Why is this?  Is it because I eat mainly pure and natural foods!!

img_4360I love to eat protein rich eggs. I boil vats of eggs in mass quantities
(smells like dog poop). I scramble eggs in a jiffy, (smells like a ratched toot).  And like the song says, I fry em up in pan (smells like a rotten egg).
The worst part is when I break out the big skillet and make a mean veggie omelet with peppers, spinach and turkey.  This bad boy stinks to high heaven! I often oven bake, grill or sauté salmon filets!  And no matter how much lemon I squeeze  it is impossible to drown out the fishy smell!  It’s an unfortunate built-in byproduct of cooking fish!  But all of the nutrients and omegas from the filet are beneficial to my taste buds and my tummy.  The aroma of sautéed onions, garlic and other vegetables leave behind a trailing scent that is preposterous. Time to go to work vent a hood!  Do your job baby.

Additionally, I’m a ginormous fan of the can…tuna can that is!  No one on earth is a stranger to this familiar pungent and fishy smell.  To make matters even more rank, I top off my tuna especial with loads of Tobacco sauce!  Sorry Charlie you stink but I love to eat you anyway. Nose plugs for my family please!  

I’m also guilty of sprinkling balsamic vinegar on my kale or salad which is not a discreet oder in the least.  

Anyone else a Mexican food maniac?  I live in Texas y’all and I require a once a week fajita fix.  The sizzling fajita platter is sure to permeate clothes, hair and the car if you happen to grab a to go bag.   But its soooo worth it.  Muchas Gracias!

Popcorn is usually a welcomed smell unless you’re in the Abercrombie humble abode. I  must have microwave user error  aka microwave illiterate because I’m notorious for somehow ALWAYS burning the popcorn. I would swear that each bag has a mind of its own. No amount of Febreeze can cover the charred popcorn smell I have bestowed on my family.   I’m talking black cloud burnt that takes weeks to rid the house of the horrendous smell.  This brought up a memory of the time I burned the edamame by leaving it in the steamer to long.  Y’all, it smelled like Marijuana!   There is a very good reason why I don’t like to cook!   I have a habit of burning things!  OOPS!  Come to think of it, steamed broccoli also has a vile smell but it is a green vegetable  packed with nutrients.

Lastly, I have discovered that for some reason, reheating leftovers is just not the same.  Leftover grilled meats like pork tenderloin,  grilled chicken or steak doesn’t quite smell as good as when you cooked it. Chinese food and Mexican, have a lingering icky smell that calls for a candle!   But nothing bothers me more than wasting good food so despite the rolled eyes and “mom, that smells terrible!”  I still reheat and eat!  

What do you cook or eat that stinks?  Do you kill your co-workers or family with cantankerous smelly cuisine?   Tell me I’m not alone!!!!

Mr. Chicken Fry (aka Toucan Sam) and I!  We got big noses and we cannot lie!

Love, stay FIT and stinky!  

Angi  xo 

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