Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I can take the heat

I don’t mind the heat.  I guess I really never have.  For as long as I can remember,  one of my most cherished nuances is walking out of a chilly indoor establishment into the hot humid outdoors.  I know it seems odd but I like warm air.

You won’t ever see me bat an eye or even roll my eyes when it’s time to get into a car that  has been basting in the sun for hours.  Unless the seats are scorching hot, I’ll hop right in and relish the stagnet air.  So sue me!

Yes, I get hot and I can pour out the sweat with the big dogs.  If I’m not overly cautious I can easily get over heated so I do my best to keep hydrated.  But for me, I prefer the heat over being cold any day.  Check out my post ⇒ I Heart George Hamilton you will know just what I mean.  

Mr Chicken Fry delights at the chance to share an old but very true story.  I highly doubt I can even do the story justice because Mr. Chicken Fry usually acts out the part of the fly and he’s quite good at it.  I’ll give it a shot.

Over 15 years ago the heater in my car quit working. This was a very big deal to me.  I mean hello, I’m the girl who uses the seat heaters year around!  As you can imagine I was miserable and freezing cold.   Mr. Chicken Fry took my car to the shop to see what was going on. According to Mr Chicken Fry AND the car dealer, I’m the first person in the history of Lexus motor cars to burn out a heater!  (a real knee slapper right?)  This is most humorous because keep in mind, I live in the lone star state of TEXAS.  Where I live, most people burn out the air conditioner…not the heater!  Mr. Chicken Fry likes to embellish an add in that while I was driving all around Dallas that flies were trapped inside the car with me.  (this is where he begins to mimic the fly)  He says the flies were praying I would roll down the window so they could break free from the heat torture  It’s true, I can take the heat.  Bring it on baby!

To further prove my point, yesterday I went for a run at 11:42am and it was approximately 96 degrees. I took a jog for the better part of 35 minutes or so and I came in dripping wet with sweat and beat red!  I welcome it.  Let me also mention that I always wear sunscreen and when possible I run under the shaded areas.

I  lay by the pool in a lay out chair in the bright sun at 98 degrees. Of course I take sporadic dips to cool off but I’m oddly comfortable. Yes my upper lip perspires and I’m soaked in sweat but I like it. Hands downs it’s better than living in frost bite temperatures.

Now, ladies, I do like to crank the thermostat way down at night.  Like 67-65.  I love to sleep with it cold and bury myself under Mr. Chicken Fry and the covers.  Sleeping in warm conditions is terrible.

Folks, there really is no point to my post other than to say how delighted I’m that I can walk out of my house and defrost!   Right now all of my troops are sleeping.  It’s early morning and literally every windows in my house is fogged over because it’s so cold in my house.  It’s 62 degrees inside so technicially I could hang meat with no issues what so ever.   My fingers can barley type because they are numb.

And that my friends is a tale tale sign that it’s time to go RUN!

My  family is headed to the sunny state of California today for a little vacation and some time with friends over the holiday weekend.  I can’t wait to show you this rock star gym I’ll be using for the next 4 days!

Love, peace and bring the heat!

Angi xo


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