Bringing Sweaty Back

Happy Birthday America!  

Good morning AMERICA.

I began this amazing holiday with a fancy cup of French press coffee. It was fresh, strong and piping hot!  I have never had this before so it was a treat but way to many steps for my faced paced life.

After coffee I put on my workout clothes and hit the spin bike for a 20 minute sweat session. Just doing my part to keep America FIT!  It might also have been to flush out the white wine from the night before. 😬😬🇺🇸🇺🇸.

Me and Mr. Chicken Fry enjoyed some bread sticks and a toddy while baby girl was feeding the fish. Can I just say BURR…Cali is cold.  I felt like I was on a ski trip. I need the heat y’all!

We witnessed the most amazing fire works show from Long Beach cove last night. I think it was the first time I have ever been up close and a little too personal to the fireworks display. We were on a boat floating just 30 feet from the explosive fire crackers. Baby girl felt a bit of schrapnel after effects but nothing serious. It was raining red white and blue down on us.  Wowza!  I had tears coming from my eyes listening to Lee Greenwood, it gets me every time.

Yesterday I blew my diet but it was cheat Shnday.Today I enjoyed some over easy eggs and toast and black berry jam!  God Bless America and condiments.

Now I’m dressed and headed back to the boat for sun, BBQ, watermelon and friends. I’m prepared this time with an arsenal of blankets and sweatshirts!  The weather in southern Cali has been amazing until the sun goes down.  ☃😂🔥.

Check out this new water workout toy!  It’s tons of fun and burns like a mother. If you’re not careful and balanced, this bad boy will toss you directly into the water. I would go into shock from the fridgid temp. Naturally, yours truly, aka abs of steel, stayed dry lol. This gadget is made by Hobie and I think I’m in love!

The pedal kiak was cool and a thigh scorcher to beat the band.

I always get super sappy and all nostalgic with my patriotism. I’m so proud to be an American. I wish everyone a super safe and blessed July 4th.

Tonight I will be fortunate to view a fire works show from the famous Queen Mary. Shine on USA.

I do miss my family and the Lone Star state.  I’ll be home soon.

Love, Peace and let Freedom ring!

Angi xo

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