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FIT vacation abercrombie abroad

Still swinging around in California.  

Working out during a holiday or vacation, for me, is like waving candy in front of a 3 year old. I can’t resist it. I find it FITessential. Being in a new spot with different equipment or a new space is exilirating!  Sounds silly but it’s true. 
I delight in trying and doing things that I don’t have at my small studio gym. 

We all can agree that big D is lacking in beach front property so I took to the sand the minute I arrived.  First stop Redondo beach.  I put on my best Batwatch act and utilized the unoccupied life guard station.  First set of 3 was inverted push ups (feet above my head), alternating lunges up the ramp and tricep dips (from the bottom). I completed 3 sets of 30. 


img_1884Next up, ramp running. This steep incline was a booger. I trudged up this bad boy 3 consecutive times.  My chest was pounding and I could hear my heart beat in my ear. Obviously I need to incorporate more hill running into my daily routine. 

It was cool down time.  I went to the sand just near the water and finished out with 80 walking side squats each way while I watched baby girl boogie board in the surf. The sun mixed with the ocean breeze felt amazing. 

img_1880The strand between Redondo and Hermosa Beach is bustling. Everyone is burning calories. From young to old, people are out doing their thing.  Young moms pushing jog strollers, power walkers, skate boarders, or even the lone runners like this guy who was jogging and every 20 feet or so would stop and do a set of push ups.  I gave him a high five smile like I see you and I get it and keep doing what your doing!  

Mr. Chicken Fry loves to people watch and gladly joins me on my power strolls up and down the strand.  Before we knew it, we had walked 4 miles one way!    

This was my own personal studio gym for the week!  Not too shabby right?  It had all of the dumbells I could ever lift and more. My goodness!  I got giggy with it and mainly worked arms and abs. I wanted to soak in all of the outdoor activities as much as possible.

Found a curb for some elevated plies!  What a country. We had to make a stop at Zamperini Airport to move our friend’s plane into a new hanger.

Naturally my assistance was required for the final push!
Last stop Venice Beach home of the heavyweight muscle heads!  It took every single bit of self control not to jump into the ring and do some lifting!  WE stayed right on the strand at Hotel Erwin.  A boutique super artsy hotel with an exquisite roof top bar.

Good night!  To Texas we go!  Up up and away y’all!

Love, FIT, peace and tuna taco greace. 

Angi xo


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