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Great Balls of Friday part 2

My goodness gracious great balls of Friday reloaded!  Ballin from Cali yo!

Y’all, I really had a blast taping these FITness videos on my trip.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the environment was so incredibly laid back.

As promised, I shot some more videos of exercises using a standard balance ball.  If you missed it, here is a link to the first set of some FITastic ball movements. ⇒→ Goodness gracious great balls of FRIDAY, part one!

My only criticism of these videos was the actual ball.  It was a bit oversized for my small frame.  Other than that…ball up baby doll, it’s time to roll!

First up… a simple back extension.  This movement is important to strengthen the lower back.  If you’re not working the lower back you should start as soon as possible.  Not working your back is like only lifting weights on the right side.  Balance is important.   I talk about this a lot.  Sometimes people only work their abs and forget about the back side.  A strong back is a key component for posture and training.  Next is a weighted crunch for the upper abs.  Place a light weight behind the neck (not on the neck)  just below the neck and resting across your shoulders.  I recommend 4 sets of each of these with 15-35 reps of each

Click here for the full video ⇒ Great Balls of Friday video 1


This next set shows three moves.  Elevate feet on the ball and place hands on the ground and push up. Pay attention to your form.  Make sure that your hands and shoulders are in alignment and that you don’t hyper extend your elbow.  Also, keep hips lifted, don’t allow your lower back to sink down.  Keep the belly button to the spine at all times.   Ab tucks, combo ab tuck push up!  Yeah baby. This is how we roll.  

Do 15-20 push ups and tucks . ADVANCED: do the combo 20-25 reps 3 sets.

BALL blaster COMBO

Complete 10 reps of each movement and repeat the set 4-6 times.

Shoulder raises, side to side bends (these are silent killers by the way), shoulder raises, back lunge shoulder raise (step back deep into the lunge and be sure your knee and toe are in alignment), russian twist, full sit up knee to elbow, full sit ups. Again keep your tummy squeezed in tight.  


 click here for the video →Ballin 2

Hold a plank with feet elevated, spider push ups with your arms while your feet are elevated on the ball, wall squats (hold weights for advanced resistance)

click here for the video → Wall Ball video 3

I leave you with 12 excellent exercises to do with a stability ball.  What’s cool about a  balance ball is that it deflates which means it packs well.  Take it with you and pack it up in your suit case, or duffle bag.   No excuses.

Love, peace to all and be the ball!

Angi xo 

My heart is so heavy for our Country.  Prayers for the USA and for Dallas, Texas!  

*Please consult a physician to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise.  Abercrombie & FITness is not liable for injuries sustained from performing these or any other workout movements.  

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