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workout video – legs & abzz

While I was away on a holiday weekend retreat in California, I didn’t have a lot of down time.  One morning after a long up hill jog, I decided to have some fun.  Please bare with me, because the quality of this video is not great and I need some serious guidance on editing.  This was my first attempt at using capture and editing from a sequence.  It’s  was below average but it will work.

Gear up girlfriend and let’s get those legs of yours into action.

Before you complete this workout, I recommend warming your legs up with 20 or 30 reps of prisoner squats.  Get the blood flowing and prepared to do some heavy lifts.

Prepare to laugh and poke fun at me.  I promise you,  I can handle it.


  →On Air – workout video 

Bar Squats – 15 20 reps – (if you don’t have access to a bar, hold dumbbells)

Deadlifts – 15 reps heavy and deep.  Hold dumbbells and step onto the BOSU.  Keep knees slightly bent and the belly button drawn into the spin. Go directly into alternating dumbbell shoulder presses.  5-10 each side.

Bar Deadlifts – 10 reps of heavy deep dead lifts.  Keep your butt pushed out, your ankles screwed into the ground, a slight bend in your knees and make your back flat.  Form is crucial on deadlifts to prevent injury.

Balance ball weighted crunches – 3 sets of 20 reps.  Nice and slow.  Make sure your shoulders are off of the ball to get a nice deep range of motion on these upper ab crunches.

** Not shown in the video is a set of walk outs.  3 sets of 15-20 Walk your hands on the ground out just passed a push up position.  then walk your hands back and come up to a standing position.  This is a great stretch for your hamstrings and excellent for your core and shoulders.  

Your legs should be nice and shaky.  Don’t forget to spay on your Blue-Emu spray to relieve sore and tender muscles.blueabapproved_blog_1170-x-220_spray-right-approval

Shine on!

Love, peace and workout grease!

Angi x0

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