Bringing Sweaty Back

Goodness gracious great balls of FRIDAY!

It’s Friday which means it’s officially time to have boo coo’s of fun! Friday almost never stinks!  

 I double dog dare you to read this post without cracking a smile. READY. Go! 

Do y’all remember Barney, the big purple goofy dinosaur?  Well Barney sang a song that went a little something like this…”when you have a ball, you have the world’s greatest toy of all.”

“You can hit them, roll them, kick them, bounce or bowl them.  You can throw them,  pass them, catch them or dunk them.”  Well I have some news for our old pal Barney. 

You can also get a super sonic workout using all sorts of BALLS! 

At Abercrombie and FITness I use balls of every shape and size.  I use big ones, small ones, hard and soft ones.  (I’m desperately trying to maintain a hint of dignity as I write this post…now straighten up and get your mind out of the gutter girl!) LMBO!!    

The use of a STABILITY ball used as a workout tool is endless.  For the record, the BLUE BALL is the most functional and happens to be my favorite. (I’m seriously dying over here!). 

Let’s get started. I have prepared three workout videos demonstrating the use of all types of workout balls.  (stop it already lol)  The black balls are weighted, one is 8 pounds and the other is 10 pounds.  The smaller balls are squishy and range in weight from 3-8 pounds.  

It is physically impossible for me to write this with a straight face…complete and total tummy torture from the laughter!!! 

Click here → BALLIN 1 workout video

Ab tucks, ab pikes, single leg tucks, jack knifes

toe taps, atlas lunges, russian twist and push ups, push ups toll the ball and push up


Click here → BALLIN 2 workout video


ab tucks, leg lifts, reverse crunches, hip thrusts, prayer roll outs


 Click here → BALLIN 3 workout video 

dumbbell flys (support your  neck on the ball), hamstring roll out two feet and one at a time, crunch press

I’m only scratching the surface here folks.  Therefore this is a to be continued piece so be on the look out for next weeks Goodness Gracious GREAT balls of FRIDAY part 2.

LOVE, exercise BALLS and enjoy your weekend baby dolls!

Angi xo

How did you do?  Was I right?  

** please consult with a physician before working out to be sure you are healthy enough for HIIT routines.  Additionally, Abercrombie & FITness is no way liable for injuries or health issues resulting in performing these exercises.  


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