Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

While I was away…

Abercrombie & FITness took a little last week hiatus.  Me, Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl headed for the hills of California.

A much-needed get away to refresh and reboot our bustling lives. Fortunately, we have a dear friend in Cali who practically begged insisted that we stay at his place.  He basically twisted our arms before we agreed to hang our bathin suits at his house.

If we had never stepped foot away from his humble compound, our family vacation would have been paradise just fine. Prepare to be incredibly jealous.  Our week in the Palos Verdes palace came with a lava rock fire pit, a koi pond and water fall, swimming pool, hot tub, steam shower, workout room, media room and pool table!  Did I fail to mention the outdoor living area, bar and grill?  Every ocean view sunset is spectacular!  I got friends…in  low places…HUH!

What I love most about this home is just how homey it really feels despite the massive square footage.   It is a sprawling house set on a corner acre lot.  It’s quite cozy and you’re not afraid of breaking all of the unique Bali artifacts. It’s not stuffy in the least.

Now that you are good and green with envy lets work out your frustration with a quick workout in this room.   In my huble expertise, this home gym is super well done considering the small space.   It is super savvy and functional. It’s packed with all of my favorite goodies like dumbbells, mirrors, squat rack, balance ball and a BOSU!  I dusted off the spin bike and took a 20 minute spin.  

Our friend is totally into health and wellness at every level so coming to his house is like the perfect home away from home for me.  Every time I visit I feel like I check into a wellness spa.  There is therapy equipment in every room.  He has a gravity chair to relieve back pressure that I used almost every day.  There are foam rollers, bands and balls in every room.  Just in case you want to get your roll on before bed time.  

Our holistic friend is light years beyond me in terms of his healthy lifestyle.  He does not own a coffee pot, the microwave has been unplugged for a decade and he only cooks from a cast iron skillet with coconut oil.  He makes fresh ground coffee from a kettle and French press.  WOW…right?  Only in Cali.  (lol)   I think it’s fantastic.  Most all of the groceries are organic and preservative free.  I’m in heaven and Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl just want a BURGER!  I can assure you that my little captives were not prisioner to my healthy torture chamber.   I felt perfectly pampered.

I never balk at an opportunity to walk or jog near the ocean so I ran to Starbucks several times during our stay.  The truth is I was way too lazy to grind the coffee beans, warm the water and wait for the beans to settle.  I walked a mile one way for a venti coffee and skim milk.  Can you argue with me?   I mean look at that view.

I would love to tell you that I caught up on sleep, read books, wrote inspiring FITness blogs and sipped on champagne by fire every night.  I did drink champagne from the hot tub but only after I swam like a million laps.

hot tub

Shoot, I was busy recording workout videos and running on the beach.  I do my best to make every second count. One evening I watched a scary movie and munched on organic popcorn that we popped on the stove.  WHAT?  Remember…no microwave. I felt like a caveman!  Why didn’t I take pictures of the popcorn?  

Twice we went out on our buddy’s brand new 25 foot fishing boat.  He pulled the girls on a tube while I tried to lay out in the sun but I looked more like I should be on a ski slope. It’s cold on the water in California. I tried to easy my way into the water for a swim but I could not bare the cold! I stayed hunkered down and bundled up.  WE captured plenty of pictures of this, sigh!

tee tee

 The Queen Mary provided a patriotic spot for  tubing and fireworks!  

queen mary

fire work


Mr. Chicken Fry really wanted our baby doll to experience a day on the wild side. Where else but Venice Beach!  It’s definitely a walk on the darker side. Plenty of heckling homeless folks along the strand. Hotel Erwin was a central upscale swanky boutique type of joint. The next morning following breakfast, we took a hike up through Santa Monica and I have the blisters to prove it. 

fam group photoNow I’m back home in the humid heat and ready to rumble. 

Love, Peace and beach!

Angi xo

PS Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post which will basically be a play by play of my vacation food intake.  Thrilled I’m sure…!  


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