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Abercrombie Abroad (food report)

I know, I know. I’m completely AWARE that the word abroad means to travel to a foreign country but doesn’t any place outside of TEXAS count as foreign? (lol)

WANTED: Angi’s vacation food report

My training clients are constantly questioning me about staying FIT via vacation food. It’s as if they expect me to spill the beans on how I blow my diet which would somehow grant them permission to cheat. Well now is your chance!  As you already know, I LOVE to workout while on vacation. Keep this in mind…!!  I also like to indulge, a smudge, and taste foods I don’t ordinarily eat.  I cheat, a little by my standards, but still manage to keep my diet in check while traveling. My food consumption isn’t ever the big issue for me.

 My most difficult challenges “abroad” are from eating sweets and drinking wine.  (just trying to keep it real girlfriends)

You might nod off and snore while reading this post because it is a brief chronicle of my vacation food.  Prepare to be bored!!!

First stop was a local Palos Verdes restaurant called the Flying Fin for sushi happy hour!   Get a load of this roll. ↓  It’s called the “pornado” roll and yes it’s fried…but when in Rome right?!  It’s crazy good. They make a roll with spicy salmon, tuna, avocado and crab and sprinkle it with sesame seeds!  Then they take shoe stringed peeled potato (looks like noodles) and wrap it around the roll and deep fry it until golden brown. It’s finished with a spicy creamy drizzle. It’s basically a crunchy warm symphony in every bite. I had two pieces. I also ate a small bowl of sea salted edamame and a tuna-tini.

 Tuna -tini is fun to say!  Tuna tini, tuna tini and it so happens it was my favorite dish.  It was a small version of a tuna tower in a martini glass! Rice, avocado crab and spicy tuna.  It was so fresh and yummy. I also took sample bites of everyone else’s plate.  I literally ate so much sushi that I was forced to unbutton my bell bottoms. No joke.

Next meal, was a breakfast for champions. Scrambled egg whites, sautéed kale flavored with onions and garlic served with steamed rice. Thank you sweet Rosa! PS…I actually made my own sautéed kale with garlic and onions last night and baby girl ate the whole skillet.  I did it y’all and it was so simple. I actually made a gourmet fresh “super food” side item that she scarfed down in minutes!  #WINNING #YAYME

Our lunches and dinners were sometimes intertwined and a little unorthodox. Depending on the time we got our day rolling we might have breakfast for lunch or lunch for dinner.  Ahhh the joy of no schedule was FITastic…because at home I leave and breath by a schedule.   One day we grabbed Subway sandwiches and headed for the boat. My standard   order is a 6 inch sub on whole grain wheat bread.  I order double turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and mustard.   One afternoon we made a brunch stop at the original Rock & Brews.  I ordered a juicy turkey burger with lettuce, tomato and avocado on a whole wheat bun. I drenched the meat in Tobasco sauce and only ate a few bites of the bun!


One beautiful afternoon Mr. Chicken Fry and I enjoyed a sunny patio day date with some unusual spicy avocado dip and humus.  Ok so we all know that Mr. Chicken Fry didn’t touch anything on this platter except for the FRITOS.  Personally, I loved how the veggies were served.  The fresh peeled carrots, celery and peppers were tart and tasty.

Don’t faint, but I did in fact eat a giant slice of thick doughy pizza topped with fresh red peppers.  It should be noted that I pulled off all of the cheese while trying to keep as much of the tomato sauce in tact. This is not an easy feat.  Mr. Chicken Fry insisted on a picture for proof that I really eat pizza. So there…and i’ll tell on myself, I really had THREE pieces!

While in Long Beach we had an awesome early dinner at the Yard House in the Marina.  The place was buzzing with locals and tourists.  I ordered the fresh fish tacos (halibut) and they were to die for great.  I’m so bummed because my phone was dead and I missed the photo. Right after dinner we hit the board walk for some good old-fashioned ice-cream!  Who can resist a crunchy cone and something cold on the fourth of July…not me!  I went for a scoop of strawberry and tossed it out right after I had my first bite into the cone. No worries because I burned if off on the carousel ride…lol!

The  next evening we joined friends in their eclectic house for a good ol fashioned family style dinner.  It was lovely.  We had a crispy tossed salad with balsamic dressin, bib-eye steaks grilled medium rare, pasta with italian sausage and mushrooms, fresh garlic bread and wine!!!  I don’t eat red meat so I quietly nibbled on the salad and picked at the pasta.  However, when the kiddos roasted s’mores over a tiki torch, I joyfully participated.

Back to breakfast. We enjoyed an awesome outdoor patio breakfast on the strand in Venice Beach.  I had to fuel up before our 45 minute walk (one way) to Santa Monica. I ate every single bite. This is an egg white omelet with peppers and spinach.  I also had a dry english  muffin drizzled with honey.  Pictured with my omelet is Mr. Chicken Fry’s eggs Benedict.  Not pictured is baby girls stack of pancakes…I only borrowed two bites.


At the airport I was tuckered out with dicipline and gave in to a sweet treat. A fresh baked blueberry and lemon muffin!  I took two gooey bites and chucked that baby in the trash. Why do I love sweets so much?img_2343

Now I’m back home trying to get hydrated.  California is a very dry climate plus my alcohol intake and factor in air travel, I’m parched!  Welcome home…first stop…TEX MEX, second stop grocery store.  Back to life, back to reality!

Love, Peace and TEX MEX grease!



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