Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Power Twalk!

Never underestimate the energy of a good old fashioned power Twalk with a gal pal!  This is a combo of power talking mixed with walking!  The conversation is endless and the after effect endorphin rush is beyond worth it!

Me, Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl have been in Florida visiting dear friends.  It was a last minute get away to mask our back to school blues!

Me and my girl Jen kicked it like the old days before we had kids and responsibility. We took to the streets for a walk.

Jen was my original marathon partners.  We devised a plan and spreadsheet of a running schedule to keep us both accountable.

Anyway…The last few times we were together, our off kilter motherhood duties didn’t allow for power walk time. We didn’t get to really catch up and do what we do.

But here in Florida we took it to the streets!  We got our walk on like nobody’s business. Speaking of business we hashed it out!  On our power walks no subjects are ever off limit.

We talk about life, love and where the bodies are buried!

Every girl has this friend!  And if you don’t have this friend find her!  Invite a new girl to join your power walk every day until you find your one!  I emplore you to use your phone a friend, schedule a weekly rendevu walk and talk it up!

There is so much to cover!  Bang out a killer cardio session while hashing out any and all aggravations. Each turbo charged walk will build you up!  Walk and practice good listening skills.  Walk and talk about your kid, love life, business, etc. Power walk therapy is a real thing!

Mom’s if you want some scoop from your daughter, a power walk is a covert way to go!  Invite your girl to lace up her kicks and take a walk!  Mom this is your stealth opportunity to LISTEN!  Ask a few mild questions and zip your lips!  Information is sure to spill from your off spring like a fountain!  Get your blood pumping and work up a sweat with your baby girl.

My mom is the power walk queen!  I learned this trade from one of the best. To this very day I always look forward to our weekend power walks. This time is always very near and dear to my heart!

This trip Jen and I made up for lost time. We laughed, we cried, and we prayed! It was perfect. Before we even knew it and hour and 15 had passed. Our special hustle walks left us both inspired and invigorated.

Our last walk was on the white sand of St. Pete beach. We had coffee and off we went to solve world problems once again!

So ladies…lace up and hit the terrain for cardio and girl time!

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Love, talk and power walk!



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