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Crank that soldier girl (workout videos)

I have returned from Florida with a lot more than tan lines!  Are you ready for it???

(In my stellar deep announcer voice)…Bringing you only the best FITness videos!  Bringing you workout moves, that until now, ONLY the military had access to!!!  That’s right.  I’m talking about high-ranking top gun material at your service!  I have a whole bunch of new fresh ideas sure to leave you sore and saluting!

Now, I can’t just dish out ALL of my secret trademarked moves.  I wouldn’t want to cause a national security breach.  However, I can show you some bad to the bone military style exercises for a rock hard middle.  Time to jump in and crank out workouts like a solider!  Prepare for battle babe!


This first video is straight up from the Marines y’all!  I rank this a solid ten on a 1-1o challenge scale and it took me a long while to master this bad boy!  Start slow and remember to grit your teeth, BREATH!  Your breathing technique is a huge factor in this isolated move which targets the upper and lower core!

Click here for a demo        →Military Abs←

Lay back flat and extend your legs straight up in the air.  Crunch up and hold the crunch. (You can cross your arms in front of your chest or wrap your arms as seen in the video). While in the crunch position, lower one leg at a time (beginner 5-8 reps intermediate 8-10 advanced 15-20) repeat on the other side.  Then lower both legs down for 8 /10/20 reps. Build up and add-on more and more reps as you progress in strength!  Never let your shoulders touch the ground and keep your head relaxed and chin up toward the ceiling. As your legs go down inhale.  Then exhale releasing your breath as you bring the legs back up! Plank for 1 to 4 minutes!  Planks are a solider’s a best friend. Planks not only create a strong core, but planks also build shapely shoulders.  Planks are a prerequisite to an army crawl which is basic 101 training.  

Warrior Crawl and Chin Up

Nothing says Navy Seal like a set of warrior crawls or chin ups.  I think these are both self-explanatory.  To pull off a warrior crawl from home.  Use a dish towel so your feet will s life while you pull yourself with your forearms.  CORE to the max!  Grab any stable bar and pull up or chin up!  Old School always wins!

Click here for a demo video ⇓  of me doing the 


Click here for a video of 4 SERIOUSLY HARD EXERCISES!

Inner thigh squat hold for 10 second count followed by inner thigh squat with alternating leg lifts.  Followed by side bends while in the plie squat!

Curtsy lunge, add a bicep curl at the bottom, come out of the lunge and hop at the top.  Alternate legs do 16 total.

Hold a plank on your hands.  Cross your leg under and come into a side plank pull your leg back through and do a push up and repeat on the other side.

I’ll have you know that I had a hard time walking for three days after these four moves.  WOWZA!  You’re welcome!

Love, peace and only the BEST for my peeps! 


*Please consult your doctor before beginning a workout regimen to determine if you are healthy enough for rigorous exercise.  Abercrombie & FITness is not liable for any injuries or health issues incurred or related to these workouts.  

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