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Back FAT be gone! 

You strap on your bra and accidentally catch a glance of your back in the mirror.  Your head jerks around for a reactive double take and you see it again. With a heavy sigh followed by shame and disgust it is officially confirmed. The thick roll of skin squishing out from under or above your bra strap is undeniable.  Urghh!

You hang your head in shame as you slip on your tank or cami and grab your cardigan to cover up!  You have felt it for a while but seeing it up close this time is the final straw.  There is a storm a brewing inside and you are ready.  Come on say it with me…


You’re tired of it and you should be.

Back fat is terrible and it can happens to the best of us. Back fat causes severe mood swings, insecurity and a plethora of other girly mental issues.  Back fat is a very close cousin to the muffin top and rubbing thighs!

So what’s a girl to do?  You put your feet in, one leg at a time and pull those big girl panties up nice and snug!  If you must, de robe have a real good look in the mirror and examine the trouble zone up close.

Next up, pep talk time. You’re way to smart and cute for that mean old ugly back fat!  Come on doll, admit it, you know better.

Tell yourself how excited you are to witness that heinous unflattering flab melt away! Imagine how it will feel when your bra isn’t cutting into your skin.  Picture tightening the straps over toned cut shoulders. Now, repeat after me, I’m a champion.  I’m beautiful and I’m about to get rid of this…(grab hold of that roll).  Back fat be gone!

How do you get rid of the back fat?  You lift weights which in turn burns fat!  You start putting in the effort and the sweat and grind until it’s gone.


You also put down the cheese.  You say no to rich creamy dressings and fried food.  You quit eating junk food which causes jiggle skin!  You fill your mouth with vegetables and grains so you can glow with happiness over your lovely results.

It takes time…it’s not a microwave minute.  Give it 6 weeks of training and you will shrink, I guarantee it.   Remember workouts equal discomfort.

Here we go!

This first exercise is a back lat pull from a bench. Lay flat on the bench and allow the weight to fall back past your head as you pull it over your face and repeat.

Bent Over Rows also known as lawn mowers!  You can do these from your forearm or your hand.  Additionally you can play with the incline or decline on the bench.

Back Fly’s

​Push up’s

Lat pull downs

​Pull ups/ bar pull ups (now shown) these are highly effective and hard)

If you have access to a rowing machine have at it!  Row row row the back fat far away!

With these repetitive exercises you will see and feel significant results in no time. You will be on your way to a sculpted chiseled back side!

No more hiding your body in clothes that are two sizes to big to disguise the back fat.  Back fat be gone.

Take your FITness to the next level or start for the first time.  Sign up today for my 6 week FITness program and drop a dress size and met that trouble zone fat once in for all.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


 Love, back and attack FAT!  

Angi xo



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