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Couples Therapy (workout video)

It’s been said, that a couple who trains together, stays together!   Right off the bat, I happen know one happy couple who FITs right into this catchy cliche.  Unfortunately, it is NOT me and Mr. Chicken Fry! :((

Meet  Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Willis.  This dynamic duo is young, spry and ready for their first Abercrombie and FITness partner workout.  Before you scroll down to watch the video, check out their awesome spread!  This home is so full of fellowship, fun and FITness you just can’t believe it!


These gregarious hotties, Jennifer and Garrett, live an extraordinary active and healthy lifestyle. Together they raise their 7-year-old son Gage, in a beautiful tropical Florida suburb.  Suffice it to say that these two keep it moving and shaking in their palm tree paradise which is decked out with any and every activity one can imagine.  Set on the quaint Lake Jovita golf course, the fresh water lake provides a picturesque back drop to their traditional home!

Wiffle ball, badmintin, football, volleyball, kanjam, frisbee, corn hole, teather ball, soccer,  basketball, and I’m just getting warmed up.  Pool volleyball, pool basketball, diving and Olympic swimming races of all kind!!!  Golf, fishing, yoga, workout room and a massage table…hello heaven!  One would only assume that I would come back to Texas 5 pounds lighter from all of the games we played.  But, this is not the point of the post.  😝

The point of this post is to show boundless ways to bond with your spouse or partner.  No limits or real qualifications just you and your partner and two willful eager attitudes.  Exercising with your spouse is cheap couples therapy. The vastness of your love for one another will surly shine through in a sweat session!  You can be free to expel any or all pent-up energy while killing your spouse calories with your best friend or mate!  Competitive and classic fun!  

Jennifer and Garrett, both physically FIT in their own right,  agreed to let me torture train them for a few 30 minute power sessions. I gave them a run for their money with two great high intensity interval workouts.   They were great sports!

Couples Therapy workout 1

First up, push up high-five with a smile followed by full sit up ball passes!  The video is a demonstration of their workout.

Do 3 sets of 16 partner high five push ups! Do 15 full sit up ball passes and perform a sit up each pass (with and without the ball).

Next up atlas lunge ball twist followed by jumping jacks!

Couples Therapy workout 2

Stand next to your partner and twist over the leg your lunging on.  Pass the ball to your partner on the inside. Complete 3 sets of 16 lunges! 8 reps on each side!  Follow this up with jump lunges for 16 or 20 jumping jacks as shown in the video.


  1. One person lay on the ground and do a full sit up with a med ball and from the stop of the sit up toss the med ball to your partner – partner throws med ball back 15 sit ups then switch and repeat!
  2. Stand back to back twist at the waist and pass the med call to your partner – do 10 on one side and 10 passes on the other side
  3. One partner lay on the ground while the other partner stands right above the.  Bottom partner will grab a hold of the ankles of the person  standing.  Lift legs and try to kick your feet up to the standing partner.  The standing partner will push your feet back down providing resistance.   Do not let your feet touch the ground between each  rep.  Complete 15 reps and switch partners.
  4. Squat press, lunges, curls, tricep dips, wall squats, planks, mountain climbers, burpies, and back fly’s all make for great partner exercises.

Garrett is a retired PGA golfer and champion who dabbles in novice motor cross . Jennifer is a stay at home mom and retired marathon runner.  Garrett needs to maintain a strong core to keep his golf swing in tact.  He also needs upper body strength for his new motorcycle hobby!  Jennifer cares most about maintaining a lean muscular total body tone. All of the moves in the video and in the out line are excellent 

Share this post and tag your partner, spouse, mate, girl or boyfriend or best friend!  Partner up and get FIT!

Love, train and share the pain!!!

Angi xo

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