Bringing Sweaty Back

Five Shades of Graze

Wake up people…and snap out of the Summer comatose daze. I come bearing good news🙌🏻🙌🏽🙌🏿

We are officially weeks away from games that actually countregular season🏈🏉 the classic game of pigskin 🏈🏉which precedes all of the major festive holiday activities.  Soon we will be wearing jeans and boots or wrapping up in cozy sweats to watch the muscular athletes in tight football pants, beautiful game of football. It’s no secret that these type of weekend festivities walk hand in hand with party platters, cheese trays, fried foods and GRAZING!🍡🍢🍕🍔🧀🍤🍞🍇🍒🍉🍪🌯🌮🍪

Grazing, you know, like where you really don’t ever actually make a real plate of food. You sample a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Ladies, I’m here to tell you that grazing can be costly.  I rate grazing high up on the “what not to do” list which is a close cousin to all you can eat buffetts!  BUFETT=bad/dangerous.

Grazing can be deceiving. If you never fully make a plate you never get full or satisfied. It seems rather nonchalant and almost calorie free because it’s a little at a time. But this is precisely the worst way to blow it. Eating in this type of scenario leads to mindless eating and you can become so totally unaware of the calorie intake.


Shade 1.  If you have ever witnessed a genuine grazer in action you have noticed that they never even bother with a plate.  UMMM this would be my Mr. Chicken Fry.  The man triple dog HATES to eat. He only eats to survive.  He does not associate the eating process with pleasure. Therefore he has a major aversion to eating at social gatherings or house parties. That being said, I do occasionally see him casually walk past the food table and grab a nibble or a handful of something something. Once or twice I’ve seen him grab a beer and  sneak a chip into the dip and move on. Sometimes he MIGHT eat a whole piece of pizza…never wasting a plate, and will eat it before returning to his seat or conversation.

Shade 2. Other grazers never leave the general food table or kitchen area. They remain in arm’s length of the buffet at all times. Usually this person is a little like grazer one and also fearful of the plate.  A harmless nibble here and a nibble there.  This grazer will shovel handful after handful of nuts, popcorn, and chips into their mouth.  This shade is shady because not ever making a plate can be deeply deceptive. I guarantee if this grazer could call for a booth review, she would be horrified with the replay.

Shade 3.  Here we have the small plate grazer. The “half time grazer” if you will, usually uses a small plate and only takes a few food items, knowing full well they will be back for more fourth quarter action.  I, Angi Abercrombie, have fallen prey to this slimy shade of graze many many times.  It’s slick Astroturf leading right into the red zone of unnecessary calories.  It’s where the muffin top lives and breathes.

Shade 4. We all know the people that load up a plate as if they are afraid no food will left on the island. They appear raveneous and it can be disturbing, awkard and uncomfortable to watch.  If I may speak candidly, some people just can’t handle the pressure of a buffet. This grazer is greedy and takes two of everything.  The National Anthem isn’t even over and this grazer is chowing down.  This grazer should be slapped with a penatly flag immediately.  Where are the good refereesfood police when you need them.

Shade 5. This is the smart shade!  Prior to kick off, this grazer gets her graze on at home. Eat before the party. Do what?  I know it’s sounds stupid but feeling full before you attend a tailgate situation or 3 hour football watching party is the winning ticket.  Rock a touch down dance.  Don’t get caught in the back field with greasy fried junk food as your only options. Eat ahead of time to stave off indulging or the beer goggling no thought process eating.  If you become hungry or want a snack call a time out and MAKE a plate. Aim for the the protein such as  chicken wings, turkey or ham or what ever sub or pre made sand which meat is availiable.  Second,  line up in formation and choose nuts, pretzels, popcorn, edamame and or fruit.  Listen, there is no shame in bringing your own turkey to the tailgate.  Turkey burgers grill just as easy as the other burgers do.  Lead by example.

Down, Set, HUT…

What team will you be rooting for this season?  Who’s your top pick for Super Bowl 2017?  What grazer are you?

Love, peace and graze with grace!

Angi xo

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