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Party EATS & TREATS Superbowl 57


Football fanatics beware…SUPERBOWL 57 is near.

This is always my favorite instant replay time of the year when I softly remind Mr. Chicken Fry that he is OLDER than the Super Bowl.  An ANNUAL sweet little fun fact that I sarcastically deliver with a whisper. I knowingly married a man who was actually alive on the planet when there was no such thing as the SUPER BOWL!  So bizarre right?

So yes, the long-awaited Super Bowl is only three days away.  Super sports fans everywhere are planning their game day watching bonanzas. Food is being prepared, furniture is being dismembered, flat screens are being erected and gambling squares are taking shape.  All for the glory of pigskin on the good o’l grid iron and love of TIGHT football pants!

What are you wearing?  Are you sporting fan gear? If my beloved Dallas Cowboys were in the game,  would be sporting one of these two super cute two piece knit sets! (SEE OUTFITS BELOW) or shop all HERE! 

What’s on the menu?  What are you serving?  What is your participatory food for the big party?

This yearly American tradition is tied to a ton of food infractions.  Whatever you do…stay away from the mindless or nervous munching because it’s as cautionary as a face mask infraction. or unintentional helmet to helmet.  The last thing you want is your gut grinding on the defense giving in to fried cheesy crap.   Do you know what kind of party grazer you are?  Click below for a quick booth review.

 Five Shades of Graze!

I can’t wait to gaze at Rhianna’s halftime show and critique the commercials like a lady. (it’s what I live for)

These sentiments, while true, are just the kind of speech that can send Mr. Chicken Fry into orbit.  He would claim that because I don’t watch all of the other teams that I’m not a legitimate football fan. My reaction to his obscene interference is this, I bleed blue.  Unlike many, I’m not a fair-weather fan and I only ever root for America’s TEAM…the Dallas Cowboys.  I would never wear or own any other NFL team gear sporting only the silver and blue star.  PERIOD.  I would never commit a biased sin such as betting money against my beloved Cowboys. The unpardonable kiss of death. I’m a loyal fan and subsequently many many years younger than the SUPER BOWL!  (Are yall feeling this BURN!!!)

Y’all…The Super Bowl is not the only money-making machine that is totally over emphasized and out of hand.  We are swarmed with super double crust stuffed with cheese inside the cheese, triple layer super chocolate chip cookie cake and five times the dipping sauce options with a gaggle of wings. Super sized platters of quadruple stacked grease laden burgers and super bowl buckets of fried chicken galore.  These synthetic over processed foods are chop blocking your waist line.  

Don’t fall for it!  

Lin Elliott

Everson Walls

Penalty flags need to fly.  Why?  Why I ask, do we need over kill quantities of beastly food just to watch a four-hour football game?  The Pintrest worthy game day stadium replicas of veggies and deli slices is absolutely adorable.  But who’s got this kind of time?

Ladies and gentlemen there is nothing, and I mean nothing wrong with a crock pot of  turkey chili.  Fire up the Green Egg and smoke some ribs or a brisket.  Pile on the protein rich foods.  Get up early and flip a few dozen burgers or grilled chicken breasts in the back yard.  Ask your guests to bring deviled eggs, baked potatoes, a tossed salad or cole slaw for a touch down meal plan.


The Boys

Roger Staubach

Charles Haley

Isn’t this more like it?  These are moderately healthy – balanced – good ol fashion legendary meals that won’t jack up your cadence from a fast food blitz.  Baked chia chips served with hummas or guacamole are Abercrombie and FITness approved side line items.

Sean Landeta

In fact…Go for two!  A second plate is welcomed and will not cause a game delay. Remember…fuel the body.  Keep the metabolism running and gunning with heart healthy earthy foods.

Mike Saxon

Tony Casillas


And lastly…don’t forget to Pre-game!

Have a little tailgate action at home and eat before you go. You are liable to hear the ref blow the whistle your diet if you arrive famished! Plan on any super bowl party to have extra hoopla and snacking than your usual sit down style meal.

Go big or go home!  Check out these two fat baby faced youngins!  This was circa 1992!

Troy Aikman & Gary Morris

Throw up a hail mary and have a cookie or iced cupcake.  Take a few bites and toss it. No holding calls on the dessert! Do a hand off if you have to. Don’t fumble on the goal line girl.  You pushed through January with FITmentum….keep going.  

No turn overs on my watch. May your SUPERBOWL Sunday be a hard hitting FUN-day and may the best team win!

Love, play and slay the day.

Angi xo

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