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The FITting Room – Leggings Edition

Abercrombie and FITness proudly promotes living in leggings all season long!!!  Why not?  This is by no means a license to be slouchy and gross girlfriends. No, no no… I’m only suggesting that you check out these sporty darling leggings.   See, we girls can’t help it, we like to look cute, even when we sweat, workout or lounge around!  Therefore I highly recommend these fashion forward, super soft and comfy leggings from Bombshell Sportswear !

It’s ok doll, we don’t have to make excuses, day in and day out comfortable leggings are the rage.  Furthermore, I, Angi Abercrombie,  welcome you to join me in this phenomenal find. NOTE: All of these leggings are now available in a high waist style 

I stumbled across these adorable LEGGINGS about two months ago and I could not get them out of my mind.  I had all of these conversations with myself and I tried my hardest to talk myself out of buying them. I invented stories based on the pictures from the internet.  I made uneducated assumptions that the leggings were probably made of cheap crappy fabric. (false) I figured the leggings would look terrible on me because I’m short, or shorter than the model in the picture who looks like a greek goddess. (false) I just knew that they were most likely see through. (false) I told myself all sorts of fictitious nasty little lies until I finally broke down and purchased a pair…or three!!!

The pair pictured above are called the thigh high sock legging.  ← click here to go direct to the link.  Aren’t they just precious?  Yes they are a little pricey but they fit like a glove girl. Where’s your team spirit?  The bottom part of the legging is very close to jersey material.  Quite frankly the leggings don’t look nearly as cute out of the box as they do on your body! You gotta try them on!  The top part is velvety soft, not to thick, spandex like that pulls on like BUTTA!


These are the→ Sock Leggings ←and they come in a variety of other colors! I, of course chose Dallas Cowboy BLUE!  The sock leggings are super similar to the thigh high only they stop at the knee.  Y’all, the box arrived and I tore it open like a wild bear foaming at the mouth.


The packaging was absolutely adorable and dainty!   There they were, in my very own hands.  It was like someone dropped a bombshell on me.  It was love at real sight.

I LOVE THEM and so will you!  They pair well with colored sports bras or any workout top.  

These lovely trendy leggings may just become our second skin.

Ladies… we will truly LIVE in these leggings!

I will cheer for the Dallas Cowboys in these.

I will root for my beloved TCU Horned Frogs while wearing these.

I will lift weights and workout in these! I’m not afraid to sweat in these pretty puppy dogs!

I will run and walk miles in these.

I will scroll through Facebook and read the newspaper while sipping coffee in these.

I will go to YOGA in these!

I will also slumber in these.

I will look super spiritity wear at my child’s sporting events in these!  Hello how cute will these be with UGG boots when it’s freezing outside? 

I will tear up the grocery store aisle in these!

Watch me whip in these!!

Pretend I’m that girl in Flashdance in these!!  

Below are the Leg Warmer Leggings.  In person, it really looks like I’m wearing leg warmers.  Hello 80’s!  The bottom is gathered and is a bunchy material that is snugly around the calf.  I simply adore the stitching on this style!  The line around the butt and down the legs is VERY flattering!  The piping provides an optical illusion that enhances the back side quite nicely.  I wish the others had the same stitching.  




I just might use these for a Halloween costume?  YOu NEVER know!

I think I found the universal limitless leggings!  You’re welcome!

You can sign up and save 10% off your first order.   Every little bit counts!  

→Bombshell Sportswear←



Don’t forget to plank three times a day or more.  In case you missed it, we are just beginning a plank a thon called PLANKTEMBER.  Join the challenge and get strong with me!

Love, sweat and have you purchased your leggings yet???? HURRY UP!





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