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Shiver me timbers y’all…it’s “Planktember Time” here at Abercrombie and FITness.  Planktember is an actual thing and this is your special invitation to join me and all of my workout warriors in a no pressure, FITastic, plank-a-thon!

All month long I will incorporate one or more planks into each and every workout. I sneak them in like a sly pirate.  I’m such the little  “plankster”.  All I ask is that up front..LIKE TODAY, you time yourself in a simple forearm plank and write down your time.  This is just a baseline there is no shame.  Write down the time or save it in your phone.  (instructions below)

Yes, you will shake, and maybe even quake but in the end, you should be most satisfied with the results.  Who doesn’t want a stronger, lean hard body?

You see, contrary to popular opinion, the plank is not nearly as predictable as you may think.  It actually works a whole bunch of muscles at one time.  And by now you should know that I, Angi Abercrombie, firmly treasures a good” 5 for 1,” don’t you?   If I’m putting in the sweat, time and effort, I want every last-minute to count.  More bang for my buck! Plus, planking is a super cool and fun party trick… bikini or pajamas…you pick…it’s your plank!

table plank

I have a serious love love relationship with the plank.  Some experts call it the ultimate exercise.  I call it the “universal” because you can take it with you and do it just about anywhere and  you won’t get bored.  Not on my watch anyway.  Ladies and gents, you can get your plank on in a variety of sorts.  The universal plank offers something for everyone, yes even for the newest of newbies.

Do not ever, for one quick second, forget that the plank is measurable and can be done daily.  So all of you expert universal plankers need to look alive…there is no rest day needed!  So without further a do…let’s walk the plank!!

Practice is the key to a GREAT Plank!

WALK OUT TO PLANK-  One of my favorites because it shapes beautiful arms!  Start in a squat position and walk your hands out to a push up or just slightly past a push up position.  Hold for a second or so and then walk back to standing position.  Repeat for 10-15 reps. As you get stronger incorporate a push up at the bottom.


Kendra, the reigning Abercrombie & FITness plank champ, 10 minutes, and could have totally held for longer but I cut her off!   She and Nancy are demonstrating a low forearm plank with glute squeeze or leg lift!

kendra plank

Lydia is in a low forearm plank  She is also moving her feet with a slider which is why her bootie is a little high in this photo.  By adding sliders you can pike, tuck, or move in and out while testing your core  arms and legs.


HIGH PLANK with LEG LIFT (not pictured)

SIDE PLANK (high and low)

Aimee is in a high side plank with feet stacked. A modified version would be on your forarm and possibly place your foot in front of the back foot opposed to stacking your feet. This gives you more stability. To make this more challenging try rotating down and circling to the back.  start from your forearm and roll in.  For you super advacned,  stack your feet on a BOSU balance trainer and roll in and hold a weight for added resistance.

high side plank


The key to a bird dog is coordinatin and balance.  From your hands or forearms, lift right leg and left arm at the same time then switch to right arm left leg.  The bird dog works more of my mind than anything if I’m being honest.  I can sort of check out on some of these other planks but I gotta focus on the bird dog! (from forearm or hand) Please notice that I’m office bird dog planking.  Any where any time.

stacey plank

REVERSE or BACKWARD PLANK (not pictured)

This plank fires up the triceps and activates the hamstrings like no other.  It’s a great stretch for your abs! When in doubt, flip the plank! Face your fingers forward and dig your heels into the ground on a reverse plank.  Tilt your head back, if you can for a deep stretch.


Tannya is showing off a beautiful TRX suspended plank which is super challenging.  Add a few spider push ups with this bad boy and you will be in core-ific shape!

suspened plank


Holly knows the golden ticket to chiseled lats is the plank row! It’s also crazy difficult to stabilize on the BOSU! Start with your feet spread wide which offers more support. As you get more confident bring your legs closer together for a more contentious move.

I could go on and on and on on the numerous plank variations. The point of Planktember is to build your core and get strong.  If you are not blessed to be an actual weekly workout warrior here is your plank plan.

  1. Time yourself today and then again on September 15th then again on October 1st.
  2. Every day – morning or afternoon or eening or break time.  Time yourself planking. Set your smart phone on stop watch and plank away baby!   Try to begin with three sets of 30 seconds.  Each day strive for 5 more seconds or at the least build by even one second as you progress.
  3. Muscles have memory.  Each plank is a unique practice all by itself.  Push and hold on for a few more seconds each time.  Rock back and forth or tilt your hips up or rock from side to side to engage more of your core.
  4. Relax your neck but don’t hang your head down.  look past your hands and goodness don’t forget to breathe!

What is your favorite way to plank?  Show me what you can do and post pictures to my fb or Instagram !

You have a 3 day weekend to begin this plank a thon.


Love, Be careful and practice the plank universal !!! 





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