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Transition Time: Must Haves

It’s transition time in Texas y’all.  Temperatures have begun to cool down and the leaves are changing colors.  What in the world does this have to do with FITness?

Seasons change and so does the workout wardrobe!  Time to transition baby doll!

I have found some excellent FIT and fashionable transition must haves that don’t break the bank.   This is a good time to stock up because the stores are preparing for winter and a lot of the active wear is on SALE.

Invest in a great pair or two of crop workout pants that fit just below the knee.  Usually a light weight pair of crops will keep you warm until mid November before you have to go to full-blown leggings. A medium weight scarf or pull over is a foundational for fall.  

Target has some super cute transitional active wear.  Scroll down and take a gander at the darling peep mesh crops.  Girls, this look is such the rage in the workout world.  Match it up with a peep back flirty tee (as seen down further below) which is the perfect top for the season change.

I just love this workout top.  The criss cross back and built-in bra is right up my alley and you can’t beat the $19 price tag!  This top comes in a variety of vibrant colors. (see pictures below) 


→  Check out this matching zip up pull over.  A perfect light weight fit for some of the crisp cool weather headed our way.  Can’t you just smell the fires and pumpkin spice???? 


 You can never go wrong with basic black crops and under $35 is a miracle!     ↓  These fit really snug (in a good way) and holds all the right places in tight. They also carry this style in a full legging.  




I think I’m in love with this festive t-shirt.  It’s not on sale but it’s a reasonable price!  This army green color is so pretty. 


Check out these cute and printed crops from Old Navy and you’re welcome because theyare ALL on sale. In my experience Old Navy makes a great durable product.  The crops and leggings hold up well.  They tend to keep their elasticity for several years and are not see thru like other brands. 

You can mix and match all season long!  Hurry before the good colors are all picked over.  You don’t want to be left out in the cold!  


I would be a bad bad friend if I didn’t share with you my personal very very favorite piece in all of my workout wardrobe.  It’s called the Vinyasa scarf by Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.  You can wear this cozy scarf / wrap like 10 to twelve different ways.  I’m not even joking.  You can literally wear it as a vest, halter top, scarf, hat, shawl and so on. Yep, it comes in several colors and fabrics. Don’t believe me…check this out…the vinyasa scarf has a You Tube video. SHH, tell only your best friends!  lol 

I leave this bad boy in my purse.  It has become a staple piece because it comes in handy just when you need it.  The functions are literally endless.   Take it with you when you travel, workout, or running errands.  It’s the perfect casual piece to use if you’re chilly in a restaurant or for an extra layer on the sports field.  It is a superb wind blocker. It also softens the damp chill after a sweaty cool down from workout class. It’s THE bomb dot-com!

Up until this Summer, I was blind but now I see!  I was completely unaware that socks matter!!  Oh yeah baby, socks matter in a big big way and once you try FEETURES socks, you will never wear another sock again.  You won’t even have to try other socks because FEETURES are so awesome, they offer a lifetime guarantee on every pair!!  Who does that??   I made the transition real fast and will never wear any other sock.

Love, peace and transition into fall with EASE!   



****** Stay tuned tomorrow or some sunny outdoor total body toning workouts!!



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