Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Mangy Monday

I think I’m allergic to MONDAY mornings. In fact, I hear it might be going around and that it’s highly contagious.  Listen up because I have a simple solution.  I think we should collectively petition the Surgeon General’s office for a leave of absence on all future Monday’s across the board until further testing of this horrific reaction has been determined!

For almost as long as I can remember, I generally feel super sloppy and mangy on Monday.  It totally contradicts my FIT and flexy feeling that I have every FRIDAY! Can I be the only person on the planet with this redundant roller coaster experience?

Is this just an innate Monday ritual or is this all in my head?   Do Monday’s just inadvertently suck?  I  know for a fact that it’s not seasonal.  My Mondays are blah-ful year around!

My alarm goes off every morning, 5 days a week at 5:30am, but the sound of it on Monday is by far the worst of all.  It’s like a fog horn announcing that the weekend is officially over.  Thanks a lot Monday,  what are you, the fun extinguisher???   

During the week I blow and I go at a really strict pace.  I methodically kick some butt and take down names.  I meal prep like a champion and I eat like a prize-fighter in training.  I lift weights at least 4 times a week and I run or spin for cardio 6 times a week.  High five to all of the girls out there doing it all and getting things done! Accomplishing our to do lists, house chores, work stuff, kid stuff and balancing workouts to boot. #winning

By Friday I may be feeling a tincey bit tired but I’m also feeling tight!  I usually feel ultra lean and ready to kick back and let loose with friends and family.  I shower, fix my hair, slip on some tight jeans and a black top, slide on some wedges and drum roll….whip on some eye make up.  I feel pretty dang cute and with an added spritz of perfume, I’m ready to hit the local Mexican food joint with Mr. Chicken Fry.

I don’t blow it.  I eat healthy all the time. My weekend eating habits cannot be the culprit of my Monday blah-ful bloated feeling.  I do tend to over indulge in the alcohol intake area but certainly not to extreme. On Friday, I’m so cheery and happy that it’s Friday and I know that I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn. Therefore I stay up until midnight or 1am.  Mind you I have been up since 5:30 am the morning before.  On Saturday morning I need to be up by at least 8am to train my weekend workout warriors.  On Saturday, I definitely stay up too late because I know I get the luxury of sleeping late.  I consciously know I get to sleep in until 10am or 10:30am and can still make it to church by 11:30pm.  I love my sleep. My bed is my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye!

Is this why I HATE Monday?  Do I have the Monday blues because I’m dehydrated and sleep deprived?  What is it?  The Monday effect can kiss my grits!

I want to move past it…I really do.  I don’t even know how to describe how messy I feel every single Monday.  It’s part lazy loser and second part total denial.  How did the weekend slip by so fast.  Where did it go?

Yesterday I tried to WIN and beat Monday at its pesky little game.  I made a list of all of the things I abhor waking up to on Monday morning.  Stuff like a few left over dishes in the sink, making Miss teen queen’s lunch and or unfolded laundry. I also struggle with unfluffed pillows on the couch, unfolded blankets and no formal set up in the gym for my first client.

I went to town on Sunday afternoon.  I made sure all things were aligned so when the Monday morning kill joy rolled around I would be happy as a clam.  Surprise, Surprise it helped!  I mean, I still felt like canceling all activities and staying in bed all day but knowing that I was not waking up to a cluster of chaos made it much more delightful.

The truth is no matter how much rest I get or don’t get over the weekend I still think Monday is a monster.  Sure, I fight the evil forces and make it through the day but we will never be as close as me and Friday.

HOW DO YOU MOVE PAST THE MONDAY BLUES?  Tell me your tactics on slaying the Monday monster? 

Love, peace and 4 day weekends please!  

Angi xo



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