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Roses are red and violets are blue…or are they purple?



Either way, meet Violet.  This beautiful girl is straight out of Coppell, Texas.  Violet is a n intelligent, gregarious 25 year old college graduate.   I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her about 7 years ago just after I opened Abercrombie and FITness.    Violet came to me as a somewhat shy junior in high school.  At the time, she was looking to lose a little weight and tone up before prom.  Little did I know, it was the inception of a budding colorful friendship.


I noticed right off that Violet, although mild and meek, had a competitive force to be rekoned with.  This girl had made up her mind to get FIT and she would not quit.  Violet met her prom dress goal and was super happy with the results.  Unlike some of her friends, Violet did not stop working out once prom was over.


Violet was committed or you might say I had created a monster.  I had unleashed the beast and this flower was ready to bloom.  I had acquired yet another loyal workout warrior to my FIT club.  Violet wanted to further her FITness and take on some new objectives.   We did just that, we mapped out a plan and set this flower into motion.  For the 16 months I worked with Violet in an one on one format.  We  worked on her problem spots as she would say.   We did it and before I knew it, she was off to college.

God Speed Miss Violet.

prom 2011

About three months into her freshman year away at college in BOSTON, I receied an email.  I figured it was a food question or an update on the fun merriment and mischief she was up to. I was shocked to read a small cry for help.  Miss Violet was like many other young college girls struggling to balance her new life.  She was studying, going to class, eating fast food, staying up super late and binge drinking on the weekends.  OUGHT OH!


Violet was gaining  back some of the weight she had worked so hard to remove.  She needed a plan.  Abercrombie FITness to the rescue.  Violet agreed to follow a two day a week workout plan.  I wrote her a 12 week workout plan based on the gym equipment at the unversity. Fortunately, she was acustom to my words and names for exercises so she didn’t need much of a refresher couse.

Occasionally, when Violet would come home for the holiday, she would always stop by for a workout or a visit to say hello and give me a hug!

butter beer

One of my favorite things about social media is being able to keep up with my college kids!

Fast forward 4 years.  I got a phone call from my sweet friend Violet.  Once again she was requesting my services.

“I have completly lost my mojo.  I’m ready to recommmit and get my body back in shape and know one knows my body as well as you do.”  Violet Coker

I was more the honored by her words and eager to get started.  But wait, what?  Did I just hear you say you live in Los Angeles and Oklahoma City?

VIRTUAL TRAINIIG  – it’s the new style and wave of the future!  Let’s make our own rules and that we did. Because we love and trust one another we get to keep the FITness alive via technology.

Violet loves my HIIT style of training (high intensity interval training). Althoguh she has a lot of travel with her new flourishing cush corporate job, Violet has the luxuioury of using two different apartment style gyms.  She photoraphed both workout facilities.  I was able to see the equipment and workout area and floor space that she had to work with.  In turn,  I write workouts based on the gym she will be using for any given week. We make it work for her lifestyle.

Workout partners once again.  In turn, Violet would pay me via PAYPAL each week for two workouts a week.  Simple enough.  I communicated the workouts in writing through email.  I outlined how much weight she should use and how many reps based on the  health stats Violet gave me as prerequisite.

Togther we have been textingand communicating virtually in a very safe trustworth successful format that works for both of us.

I occasionally check in to be sure that she doesn’t have questions or concerns with the workout.  Or I have to make sure she is at the right gym based on the equipment I want her to use.  When Violet had questions about a particular move or exercise, I sent her a video of ” yours truly” me demonstrating the proper form and movement.

I also made violet send me sweaty proof of her in the gym each week!  Accountability baby!

I love this smart sweet girl and I’m blessed to know her and work with her even still. She is a true testiment to true grit and determination to be FIT!



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