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Nekter is a juice bar in Southlake, Texas. My teenager practically begged me to drive 20 minutes for a smoothie that she claimed would change my life.  My 14-year-old daughter knows me well.    Nekter, where have you been all of my ever lovin life and why in the heck are there only four of you in the whole wide state of Texas??


People listen up, you must find a way to get yourself a taste of all that Nekter has to offer! There are currently 16 franchise locations, 11 in Arizona, one in Colorado and four in Texas.   Nekter is an affordable clean juice bar famous for all natural super food juices and smoothie bowls.  Click on the highlighted italicized links above and hopefully you can find a location close to you. Ok, right away you might be rolling your eyes and totally turned off…but wait till you try it.

This unassuming juice joint had me at hello when I read; lemon, ginger and acai berry in the ingredient list.  I’m a sucker for any of these natural holistic gems.  I must admit I’m not a juice fanatic at all and was very reluctant until I saw the menu.  In fact, I usually steer clear of juice in general because juice is loaded with calories and sugar. However, when I saw the advertisement for their TOXIN FLUSH it was whispering my name.  I could most certainly afford 160 calories for the wellness benefits of this mysterious green drink.


Shoot, the way I have been popping sinus meds and drinking champagne, I might have splurged and gone for the large. A liver flush during the holidays could surly do me some good at this juncture.

A tid bit of advice. At first, I told the kind fellow that I didn’t want ice.  It was a grave mistake.  I ended up adding ice to make it cold and a little less pungent.

Look, my drink actually came out looking exactly like the juice in the advertisement.  I just love that don’t you??

Hello tart!  My juice was a competing mix between apple and ginger.  It was freakishly tart and sour and soooo so green!  It looked like cold witches brew but it was quite tasty and refreshing.  The after taste had a bold spice from the ginger root coupled with a sweetness of green apple.   I was a sipping machine.

My mini me ordered one of the acai berry bowls.  Topped with fresh strawberries, banana and blue berries.  It was sprinkled with a light layer of handcrafted gluten-free granola and below that was straight up frozen fresh acai berry.  Talk about a preventative immune boost.  The fresh fruit flavored yumminess was too good to be healthy.  It’s hard to believe you aren’t spooning in a cheat meal.   It’s crunchy and cold and has immediate mood boosting benefits.


Guess what else?  You can order on-line!  Download the Nekter App and skip waiting in line.  Amp up your order with maximum nutrients and minimal calories.  Goji berries, hemp hearts, chia seeds, bee pollen and cacao nibs.  Basically all of these super food toppings offer some form of metabolism boost, anti aging benefits, inflammation fighting and digestive supportive benefits.


Nektar also offers a variety of cleanse programs to jump-start and revitalize your body from the inside out.  Click on their website and order your custom cleanse drink and have it delivered to your work, home or  office.

For me, this was a one stop sip and sold kind of place. I was in my element because all of the information and advertisements are health conscious.


Nekter is the real deal.  Who knew teenagers could be so resourceful?

Choose a spoon or suck through a straw, Nekter has something wonderful for you all!


Love, go green and live healthy and clean!




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