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Antigravity Addict

You aren’t living a decent life unless you have dialed it up a notch with an antigravity workout. I’m a long time FITness freak /gym rat who’s tried it all!  From Tae-Bo to Zumba, from spin to Bikram “hot” yoga, from water aerobics to jazzercise… but aerial suspension training is by far the coolest class I have ever experienced.  I mean where else can you get a face full of color like that…deep purple magenta boarding a blueish tint?  It is with great privilege that I can now tack  “antigravity addict” to my FITness repertoire.

My spirited spunky friend Kim invited me to join her for an antigravity workout class at the Four Seasons Sports Club in Las Colinas.  The Sports Club is a newly renovated facility that offers every single kind of health and FITness activity one can only imagine.  There was no stone unturned on this swanky remodel.  It is a workout aficionado’s dream space! I was immediately inspired by the smell of essential oils flowing from massage area, the gorgeous weight room, open air surf board workout class, the bank of beautiful cardio equipment, the sound of balls popping across the indoor tennis and racquet courts, and all the things FITness going on around me.


Kim and I were the first to arrive which gave us a chance to survey and hand-pick our spots. It was a glorious large open room with plenty of natural light.  The front and side walls were mirrored but best of all was the jumbo heaters hanging from the ceiling.  I was happy a lark because we had to strip our she’s and socks and I hate to be cold.  We took our time unbundling and chit chatting anxiously about the bright purple fabric dangling from the rafters.

We nervously discussed the diverse yet epic benefits we were about to embark on such as digestion, sleep, circulation which also meant a bonus face lift and deep tissue relief compliments of the suspension hammock. Whatever it takes!   A soft silky heavy-duty suspended material drooped before us from a steel beam. We were told the class was full and better yet we were all rookie newbies. An unspoken sigh of relief was dully noted on the face of every beautiful female in the room.  This practice would be on fair, level  and in my case a very ungraceful playing ground.

Meg, our highly educated instructor was conditioned and abundantly certified in numerous areas of antigravity yoga/fitness training.  From the get go I felt comfortable and well-informed.  Meg was super calm, professional and safe…which is vital in this environment.  One slip of the grip and it’s splatsville. No noggin breaking or nose bleeds on  Meg’s watch.


The vital component of this acrobatic activity is the grip and position of the hands.  The majority of exertion comes from upper body strength and the mid section, aka muffin top area!  Meg didn’t waste a second of our precious hour.  While demonstrating the first pose she gave us a tid bit of history on the sport which I found quite interesting. Check this out for more info→→ Antigravity Fitness.


We started out with an inverted flip dangle down hip stretchy pose as pictured above!  WAIT WHAT?  Really?  Like aren’t we going to stretch and rock first?  Nothing like riding  roller coaster right off the bat.  This was the first of many quick glances that Kim and I exchanged along the way.  A look and muffled giggle like “holy goodness…here we go,” followed by a quirky grin and “we about to get turnt up?”

After the hanging decompression pose we learned CHI-Lax.  This is the equivalent of child’s pose in the yoga world, aka the safe pose.  If at anytime we felt over exerted, tired or confused we were to take a CHI-lax.  It is with no shame that I admit I would return to the safe pose at least once or twice during the practice.

Moving right along into tuck jacks!  Enter the upper body pull and tuck move.  A few sets of these (non jumping) bad boys made my heart go thumpty thump thump.  I actually broke a light sweat during this phase. Girls, I felt strong and buoyant until I made the grave mistake of checking myself in the side mirror.  I didn’t have near as much spring and grace in my form as I thought.  Note to self…don’t look into the mirror…eek!

img_7286If you have tight hip flexors, which I do, this was a super deep position.  It doesn’t look like much but basically the hammock is digging directly into the hip and baring all of my body weight which  mimicked a muscle release and message. It felt FITnominal.

During the seated table top push out to t position set, I was feeling more confident.   Meg walks the room and patiently tweaks form and makes adjustments.  OH yeah…with a slight adjustment my rib cage now pulling into my core is fully engaged while our lats and shoulders are stretching through to the finger tips.  The posture pictured below is releasing into the lymphnodes located just under the arm pit.  Ouchy!  This multipurpose stance stretches the calves while competing with the core to stay erect.


FLIP a rooskie time.  Say WHAT?  With the dynamic direction from Meg, we wrapped and wrapped our hands around and around and gripped the hammock while resting back. I would call this the calm before the flip!   While gripping the material, tuck in the knees, lean back and basically pitch back like an old school penny drop.  WHEE!!  I loved this motion.  I would get to practice this little ditty several times before we were instructed to pause and hold a pike.  WHOA baby!  Talk about core strength.


Notice this side by side comparison.  My legs are slightly lower than my butt while Kim is holding her pike more straight.  I think I needed to lift my legs a bit higher to fully engage my abs.  I also think Kim is getting more of an upper ab crunch with her neck lifted and while I’m getting another purple head rush with no neck strain.  This is one of the power poses where we made a dreadful mistake by making eye contact which totally blew our concentration and form.  Hence, we hit the CHI-lax and tried to regain our lady like composure.




The crescendo of class unfortunately was not captured in a photo.  Facing forward we were resting in the sling positioned around our hips.  With our toes lifted and our hands on the ground similar to down dog, we were directed to walk our hands forward and slowly pull up leaving our toes gripping the floor exerting the calves.  Reaching back, gripping high on the slings, Meg spotted each of us.  We would engage the triceps as we pushed our arms back and simultaneously lifting our legs “straight like sticks” which swung us flying back like superman.  What a rush!  The room exploded with girlish glee. Everyone was flying and smiling.  Hamstrings and lower lumbar were working as we stiffen tight through the buttocks and triceps.  Meg would let us practice this freely and together.  Y’all, we looked like the flying Rockettes!

I believe we learned a total of 10 poses and movements.  Not one time was I ever bored or worried about the time.  At no point did I feel an urgency for the class to come to a halt.  In fact, if anything I didn’t want it to end.  I was fully engrossed and so badly wanted to learn more tricks.  Perhaps I tickled a nerve and woke my former/inner gymnast.  Maybe the class made me feel young and spry, like a school girl on the playground.  It may well be that I really needed an “out of my box” FITervention.  Whatever the case may be,  antigravity hit the sweet spot!

Q &A

Do I think antigravity training is a one way magic ticket to supreme weight loss?  No.

Do I think that aerial suspension training will strengthen core muscles and create longevity?  Absolutely.

Can this type of workout burn major calories and shape and tone muscle? Yes…but this would mean you are fully  committed to attend classes 3-6 times a week.

Do I conclude that in a perfect “perFIT” world that marrying an occasional antigravity class, twice a month or more, with a  weight lifting routine would be therapeutic?  You bet your tight butt I do.



All in all, I give antigravity aerial suspension training five straight A’s and a big gold star.  It was an AMAZING, ACROBATIC, ABDOMINAL, AERODYNAMIC,  ALL INCLUSIVE experience.  I had so much flipping fun and I’m dying to get turnt up again very soon.

Have you tried an antigravity class?  What was your opinion?  Did you feel all Cirque de Sole’ and challenged?  Give me what you got…

Love, invert and stay alert!  



Check out the glowing after effects…⇓ Nothing but energy and excitement.





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  1. Angie, I recently started aerial yoga and I really enjoy it. Was somewhat apprehensive in my ability to go aerial but after a few times you get the hang of it.

    1. Hi cari – thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is a little unnerving as I didn’t have a clue what to really expect in terms of postures. However, I fell in love. I’m eager to get back in the sling/hammock soon! Take care and have a great day!

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