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Tid Bit Tuesday: Sore Muscles

Sore muscles happen.  I don’t care who you are or where you come from, a sore muscle will  eventually find you.  Unless your made out of rubber, you cannot run and you sure can’t hide from muscle pain.  Young or old, toddler to teen, adult to elderly….tender muscles  are a common occurrence that will forever haunt the best of us!

The myopic misconception is that FIT people, particular young student athletes or twenty something pro’s don’t get sore.  Let me go ahead and debunk this crowned theory.  Even the most FITastic, FITnominal FITness competitor/ trainer/athlete will suffer from occasional fatigued muscles. It’s an indispensable part of the program.

The glorious new I’m about to report is that I have found an effective treatment that whittles away the tenderness.  Introducing Blue-Emu, a sore muscle releif spray guranteed to stave off tired aches and pains. From power lifting to light walking, from dancing a little to deep to bending and stooping or sitting all day long, this formula will correct the issue.


I personally use it before and after workouts and have been a ginormous loyal fan for over 20 years.

Last week I got down and dirty.  My gym floor was overdue for a minor remodel. Out with the old and in with the new type of project.  It was time to put in some good old-fashioned manual labor and put my muscles to the test.  The worst part was cutting out the old nasty carpet and replacing it with something comparatively  dense.  Who better than little ol me to tackle this issue like the lonesome boss that I’m.  I gave myself permission to do it three phases so I didn’t stress myself and my muscles out.

Step one was to cut and remove the largest section of rusted weathered carpet and roll it out.  It sure had served it’s high traffic purpose for the better part of five years. Revealed below the carpet was a dusty yucky mess.  A full hour or more of bending, cutting, pulling, tugging, sweeping and mopping and eventually it was clean like new.

Step two was laying the peal and stick carpet tiles I ordered from Home Depot.  I chose 10 boxes of 10 tiles to cover the full area.  Unfortunately only 3 boxes were in stock so I would gradually lay the tiles as they arrived.  I was scared that it was going to be messy.  To my surprise, it was carpet tiles for dummies easy.  This stuff is a DIY’ers dream.  Literally, open the box, peel and stick the carpet tile in the appropriate position and voil’a!  It was finished.


See this tree stand of weights.  There is approximately 305 pounds of weights not including the stand.  In one week I shuffled and moved this bady boy over three times…THREE times all by myself, all ALONE, without HELP!   For you slow math folks, this is over 900 pounds of weight including the cage and bar weights.  It was so laborious because I was forced to remove each plate and place it across the room. Once the work was done, I had to reposition and assemble it to make way for the daily workout warriors coming to get their pump on!  This is the finished product…doesn’t it look marvelous?!?!?!

I dug deep and finished the last little bit Saturday afternoon after workout.  This area under the cage was the last area to be done.  I had subconsionsly saved the heaviest area for last.  I almost walked away totally unscathed however on the last tug, the stupid  45 pound plate slid off and landed on my shin.  The room went dark…I had to sit quietly and rock in the fetal position holding my poor shin. When I opened my eyes,  I had some narley purple bruises to show off.  I started rubbing Blue-Emu cream on contact.

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In the end,  I did it.  I burned a bunch of calories,  upgraded the gym floor and felt a sweet sense of accomplishment.

Holy smokes yall, I woke up Sunday morning in stiff state of hurtsville.  I stood up out of bed and felt my back tighten and lock up like an old lady.  I went straight for the Blue Emu spray can.  I got busy spraying and rubbing this deep action into all of my aching spots. It’s  wonderful because it’s a non sticky odorless spray.  You can use it anytime of the day or night.  There is not wrestling the stinging burning sensation or smell.  It’s my secret muscle miracle worker.  SHHHH, tell only your best friends…lol!


A big cheers to my fellow DIY’ers and remodel makeover folks.  The only thing I care to makeover is the body!

Love, lift and live pain free…Blue-Emu will do the trick in the count of three!




Like mother like daughter.  My teen athlete is working on her lacrosse skills.  On Saturday she played 16,  4 minute rounds of a power play tournament.   She came home walking funny and looking rough. The next morning she met me in the kitchen groaning in muscle pain.  There we were  a mother daughter duo in all our glory… a 29 year span of sore muscles between us.  Who’s first?  We double fisted and white knuckled the heck out of those the cans.  We were spraying and rubbing like our life depended on it.

After about 20 minutes or so I felt lose and ready for a stroll.  Baby girl hit up another two hour lacrosse practice without blinking an eye!

I’m telling ya folks, it’s worth a try!  I have a been a loyal fan for 20 years!  It’s fast, affordable and does the job!



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