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Infuse or Lose

I come to you on this bright and shiny Thursday publicizing one of my newest revered go go gadgets.  You are going to love it.  Have a look-see at this tall drink of water. (no pun intended)   Behold the Pressa Bottle!!

By now you have concluded that I’m a waterholic.  I drink it all day every day and I haughtily concede that it can get old real fast.  Today I will put an end to your boring blah water woes.  I, you,me, we don’t have to put up with the same ol same ol bland idol taste any more! Halleluja!

The creative brothers at Pressa Bottle have put a twist on dull water and turned it into a refreshing DUL-ISHness (delish) delight!  Trust me, you will want to get your hot little hands on one of these before Summer time.


Don’t dial back on your water intake just because you’re burnt out…dial it up or dial it down.  Twist it up a notch with Pressa Bottle’s infusion water extravaganza.

Girls, do you remember the bend and snap move from Legally Blonde?  Well Pressa Bottle  works the twist and press method.

Look at this baby work its magic on some pineapple and strawberries!


Here’s what you are going to do.  In three easy steps you too can sass up and flavor water to your palets desire. You can go sweet and spicy or sweet and sour or just plain sweet.  Make your own water infused creation.    Guzzle with gusto!

If you can dream it,  you can drink it!

Infusing is winning.  Hello antioxidants!  I’m constantly dredging up creative ways to make my water more tasty.  I’m always squeezing this and that into my water.  Naturally, I squirt lemon juice in my eye and make a sticky mess of my hands and counter tops. Inevitibely I get stains on my clothes from the berries.  Well guess what, bye-bye blueberry fingers…now I use the twist and press method.  Infuse and let the juices ooze.

Remove the lid and fill the middle container with your choice of fruit, melon, soft vegetable or spice.


Fill the bottle with water to the designated fill line.  Place the lid over the bottle and twist the dial on the top of the cap.  Take the twist as far as you want to go.  


Lower the dial which presses on the fruit and infuses the water with natural juices to perk up your water.  Once the lid drops down make sure to tighten the lid and secure it so the flavored water doesn’t leak.  Boom – Infused water in an instant.  You can shake it up and drink on the run.

Do you seek citrus?

Infuse the blues…blue berries and black berry bliss

Infuse the hues – orange,pink, purple, green, yellow, red

Infuse and melon out (mellow out man)


Girls…I don’t know about you but I love me some flavored water.  Orange, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, mango, melon, raspberry, blackberry, cucumber, lime, pineapple, peppers, cilantro, mint, chia seeds, pomegranate, cranberry….you name it.  There is no limit to the flavors you can twist and press.  Make your own citrus, tangy or sweet water beverage.

Feeling really cheeky and infuse some coconut water!  Use fresh pineapples and real coco nut flakes for a an extreme beachy  vibe!

From a FITness professional stand point I appreciate this ingenious infusion technology for multiple reasons.  One it’s less messy.  Wish I had thought of it.  Second, it isn’t wasteful.  You can press as much or as little as you want and eat the treat after.  Maybe you want to mash the crap out of it for a pulpier water. Have it your way!   If you’re not feeling so twist and shouty…dial it back and let the fruit stand on its own.  You can’t go wrong!

Thirdly, I don’t have to sacrifice flavor for processed sugars and high sodium content. Did you hear that girls! This is a total organic water infusion full of vitamins and antioxidants direct from vine.   PERFECTION!



The Pressa Bottle is super light and it travels well.  It’s not too big and it fits perfectly into the car cup holder.   Students can stash it in the back pack holder with ease.  The business traveler, can easily carry it on to the plane empty.  Later, this bottle will become an orange berry blast without the processed high sugar and needless calories.  Workout warriors everywhere will strut this is bad boy in the gym and make everyone jealous!  Hikers, bikers and sports enthusiasts will be pressing and enjoying the taste of flavored infused water.   Did someone say pool party?  Bring your towel, your favorite fruit and don’t forget your PressaBottle.  Sip by the pool, beach or resort with your latest infatuation!

This simple device is dishwasher safe. Can I get a heck yeah!  Pop this three-part baby right into the dish washer.  Hurry up so it’s ready for the next savory concoction!



One of my favorite mixes so far is fresh blue berries and strawberries infused into a Lacroix Sparkling Water!  YEEE-YUMMY!  This was my go to drink this past weekend at the lake.  I squeezed in all kinds of citrus and took it with me on walks and boat rides.

Now some of you wacky wine o’s are wondering….”can I mix this with some vodka?”   If you are of age and vodka is your thing…have at it.  You can pressa what-a-eva you want!  

Goodness gracious great gift a fire!  Pressa Bottle is new and who wouldn’t want to infuse?  The college kids will go nuts over this and so will your mother and mother in law.  The Easter Bunny loves to leave fun healthy gifts…beats a chocolate bunny!   You’re  in luck because the fine folks at Pressa Bottle are offering a 10% DISCOUNT to my loyal readers!  That’s you my friend!  Enter promo code AbercrombieFIT!  Click this link →PRESSA BOTTLE!  


The bottle isn’t sweat proof.  I like cold water so I add a little bit of ice to mine.  The bottle does perspire and will require a paper towel but only if you use ice!  This will not stop me from sipping my sweet strawberry water like kid at a spelling bee!

What color do you like best, turquoise, grey or pink?  I like them all!  I’m a big water infusion fan.

Love, drink up and infuse…there is no excuse!  






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