Bringing Sweaty Back, Tid Bit Tuesday

Tid bit Tuesday: Alone Time 

It just so happens that this past Friday I found myself with somewhat of a duty FREE weekend.  On Friday morning, my Mr. Chicken Fly landed a last-minute invite to a PGA event in Austin, Texas.  I will call this a guys only golf get away road trip.  See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya…oops did that just slip out?  What I mean is, “have so much fun honey.  Have a great time golfing and yucking it up with your fellow-man friends.”

Well, hello old friend.  And just like that, I  was greeted by an old old friend called “me time!”  Also known as alone time which further meant  I would be master of the remote control!

I hope this doesn’t sound crass but I live with an extreme extrovert.  As a borderline introvert, I don’t mind time alone.  I crave down time which I barly fine possible.  Being married to Mr. Chicken Fry is much like living in an amusement park.  Not to mention running a small business, wrangling in active teen, and all other duties that come along with adulting.  If and when I have an open opportunity to take a break from the fun house, you can bet your sweet bippy I take full advantage. My amazing hubby keeps us on the go and every now and again I bring him down for rest time.  We are the true ying and yang. img_8700

Mr. Chicken Fry and I share a home office type of situation. Remarkably it works GREAT for us.  We are figuratively together like 24 7. It’s rare that one of us is ever home alone over two hours at a time.  Point being, I was kind of cheery about the idea and delighted for him to fellowship with his buddies.   REmember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  So don’t make me feell guilty for doing the happy to have the house (basically) to myself dance.  I mean there was that 14 year old girl I still had to contend with.  lol

On Friday night I could have done a million and one things.  I could have called up some girlfriends or nudged my way into a third wheel to any of our zany couple friends.  Want to know what I did?

NOTHING!  That’s what I did!

I didn’t just completely veg out but I did slow my roll and take my time.  Late Friday afternoon I took a long walk with my pup!  The weather was fantastic and I’m loving the daylight savings time change. As a mom of a teen, you are never totally off duty.  After running and gunning the social queen bee to her group activity, I could almost hear the couch calling my name.

Before I made it home, I stopped to pick up  a to go order of sushi.  Might as well get desert so I opted for some fat free froyo! I mean why cook for myself when there is take out!  I got home, put on my comfies and called the squat.  I ordered up a pay per view movie and pulled the covers up.  RELAX!  It was divine.

Around 10:30 pm the teen queen called asking for an escort home.  I left the house in my nighties and house shoes.  I nabbed her and we came home washed our faces like good girls and hit the hay.

I woke up spry as can be Saturday morning. I had s full 10 plus hours of deep delicious sleep. I slept totally interrupted and snore free.   Mr. Chicken Fry sometimes snores and it disturbs my favorite past time….sleeping.  I usually try to politely roll him over and most of the time this works without sparking an argument.   Needless to say, I was refreshed.  I enjoyed my warm morning coffee, prayer and a devotional followed by a group training session with my loyal Saturday morning workout warriors.  It was a glorious brisk 62 degree morn.  We opened the garage door and got our lift on.

I spent the majority of the afternoon soaking up the warm sun sitting on my deck reading and writing new workouts.  The teen in the house had a few chores to complete before I would take her anywhere else.  This bought about 2 hours alone time.  I took deep breaths and embraced the no hurry, hustle Saturday afternoon.  I had a grateful heart for a break from the ritualistic circus stunts we usually pull off.  We love to entertain and be around people but I place a high value on the precept of unplugging and laying low.

Around 6pm I was geared up and ready for actual human interaction.  I made plans to see a movie with a girlfriend who’s hubby was also in Austin.  We enjoyed catching up prior to the movie over drinks and sharing movie popcorn (no butter) and milk duds.  I have given up alcohol for Lent so the club soda and milk duds were a real treat.  The movie was girl power to the max.  If you have not seen Hidden Figures you are missing out on an epic historic inspirational true story.

After retrieving my spawn from her gang of friends, I crawled under the covers at approximately 11:00pm Saturday night.  I was beyond thrilled that I could once more sleep as late as I possibly wanted.  Sleep if you haven’t noticed, is a big thing to me!  My bed is my  easiest hello and hardest goodbye.  I lavish in a cold dark room surrounded by pillows and the soft hum of a ceiling fan!  Rest is good for the soul.  I have never been sorry that I went to bed early. NOT EVER!  I consider it WINNING!


Baby teen queen and I made it to our empowering  church Sunday morning followed by some sushi and shopping.  While daddy’s away the girls will seize the mall!  Although, shopping to me is like taking a bullet.  I’m not a big fan especially on the busy weekends.  We did a super fast two-hour spree without a single argument.  We are getting better…which translates to I have learned to keep my mouth shut and my strong opinions to myself.  UNLESS of course she chooses some kind of trampy outfit.  Thank the Lord we aren’t there yet!  We dodged the bullet and rewarded ourself with more froyo! (frozen yogurt)


I was never so happy for Mr. Chicken Fry to make it back home.   The weather got really bad in North Texas and many folks in surrounding cities had major hail damage to their cars and homes.  Thankfull no one was hurt.

Now, back to my regulary scheduled carnival I call life!  #wouldn’twantitanyotherway #blessed #busy 

Never underestimate the power of down or alone time.  It can rejuvinate relatioships, restore brain cells and repair your spirit.

How do like to spend time alone?  Keep the anwers PG please…lol

Love, be kind and sneak in a little alone time!



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