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Ahhh Mother’s day.  A day to celebrate Moms!

I write a lot about the chaos and joys of motherhood. After all, we moms are the epi center of the wellspring of life!  We literally bring life into the world and by gosh we will take it out.  (lol)

Being a MOM is so peaceful and EASY.  YAWN…  Suffice it to say I think most moms  are just generally bored and well rested.  It seems we never have enough to do.  What I love most about being a mom is how simple it is to completely unplug.  Just shut it off and totally remove myself from the low-key, role as a mom.  In fact, I turn the “open 24 hours,7 days a week” sign off all the time!!   NOTTTT!!     

Girl, I get it, I know your work is NEVER done.  I know you break your back bending, scraping and doing everything under the sun for your family.   I see you.  You deserve a medal of honor weather your a new mom or a grandmother as far as I’m concerned.  So please, accpet this workout, mom-o E-mom-o, in other words mom to mom, from me to you.    



This is your warrior mom weekend workout.  Do it…relax, kick up your heels and rest.  Sleep in, dine out, but whatever you regulary do, don’t do it!

Life doesn’t come with a manual but it comes with a mom.   – unknown

While resting I want you to reflect on these words.  You are a mom who possesses  unsurmountable magical internal powers.  What’s weird is, in the beginning you don’t even know you have it. Secondly, you are never quite sure when the innate wonderstruck super gear might kick in.  However, once you get a taste of that organic maternal instinct you learn how to tap into it as needed.   Listen up lady, it is a majestic thing of beauty to behold.  Weather you witness a new-born breast-feeding or a mom in mid discipline mode…it’s a true work of art!

Mom’s bear the burdens and wipe away the tears. We clean the sticky hands and paaasgetti off the floor.  We kiss the bloody boo boo’s and somehow manage to stand by and hold it together for the emergency room visits without passing out on the floor.  We hold hands, we tuck in, we brush hair and teeth and change stinky diapers.  We read books, and help with homework until our eyes go cross.  We hot glue gun projects and make costumes until our fingers bleed. (even though we swore we would never be ‘That Mom.”  We buy into the commercial ads that we can actually remove grass stains.  WE REPEAT ALOT!!! We are the forever side line referee, cheerleader, coach, defensive and offensive lineman and water boy all rolled into one.  We can take one for the team and accept being thrown under the bus.  We give permission, we are the bad guy and sometimes the wicked witch.  We are the light and safety net.  We are a compass and the train station. We are the alarm clock!  We feed, we serve, we clothe, we give, we do all the THINGS!

MOM’s figure it out and always somehow work it out! It’s what we do!  It’s in our DNA.  

You’re an awesome mom!  

What I find fascinating is how the “mom” title steadily graduates.  The word itself morphs and changes as the child progresses in maturity and age. It’s interesting how a child’s voice inflection and the actual way they call us changes with each 5 year increment.  Have you heard this??     It starts out all cute with  “mama” and goo goo gaga kind of stuff.  Next,  it’s a tender “mommy, can I please and mommy will you get me the…mommy I love you,” kind of talk.   Good gravy y’all, I’m smack dab in the no shortcut,  straight up “MOM!!” phase.  Mom, stop, mom no, mom why not and mom, why can’t I,  phase. No one told me that by the time my child was 20, I would be an actual  “MOTHER!”

Why is our title so radicle?   I’ll tell you why…because our flipping LOVE is so radicle that’s why!!  It’s not just a job it’s a freaking badge of honor.  We basically keep one or more humans ALIVE for roughly 22-24 years!  That’s all!

Motherhood is like giving birth to your very own heart and soul.  Picture a woman giving birth only what you should know is what really delivers is every female emotion on planet earth with arms and legs.  Every mom’s heart never strays from her offspring.  She has just given birth to her heart.  For over a year she cradles and nurtures it with careful love and care.  Then this extension of her wants to walk and sprout independence.  The mommy has to gently watch her very own heart cross the road, go to parties, wave bye bye at day care, drive way with a boy, leave for college, basically sprout a mind of its own.  BUT all we can see or think is “it’s my heart, my pride and joy”.  Now think of the mom’s who have three or more!!! It’s off the chain.

To all of the awesome mom’s who have come and gone before me and to all the mom’s to be.  You are brave and good.  You are beautiful and strong.  You are captivating and lovely.  You are passionate and it shows in your children’s face.  Except when they are acting like teenage toots or a rambunctious hoodlums.  We all know they got that from their DAD!  Who by the way only ever has two titles, daddy and dad.  No boy or girl rolls their eyes and with an exaggerated over dramatic tone and says, “FATHER!”

It’s a radical love like no other love in the world.  It’s a drive 8 to 15 hours straight just to bring them cough medicine kind of crazy love.  It’s I have no butt because of the hours watching baseball game after baseball game on metal bleachers.  It’s working 4 jobs to pay for your kids education, activities and or interests.  It’s a strange idea but sure I might mortgage the house to buy you a prom dress type of mentality.

With all of this being said, it’s the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had. And until it actually happens to you, you can’t fully appreciate the sacrifice or love from your very own mom.

Which by the way….Happy Mother’s day MOM!  You still hold the title of the “WOW Factor.”  I love you! 

So…celebrate yourself and your mom and all the other FANtabulous mom’s you know.

Cheer’s ladies!

Love, wow, turn it upside down…MOM!!! That’s you!

Angi xo

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