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Table 13

Well ring a ding and just like that, it’s Tuesday.  How was your weekend pussy cat?  It was my hope that you found a few hours to kick back, relax and perhaps manage some form of child’s pose. 

As for me, I was a party going butterfly this weekend fluttering around town celebrating some very special people. One thing is for certain, I didn’t miss one opportunity to eat desert. See the photos below! I’m still recovering from a two-day no holds barred sugar trip. It’s like I was on some sort of covert sugar high mission. Friday night, while attending a grad party I stumbled upon a scandalous table of candy.  I’m talking the good stuff like laffy taffy, smarties, chickosticks and fun dips!  I had to refrain from basically lobbing handfuls into my purse.  Later, while at a b-day party I about lost my mind on a big square slice of homemade key lime pie. Sadly, my sugar spree didn’t end there. I buried my face in a GIANT coconut cupcake fit for a queen. I pretended it was still my birthday and rode the sugar rush like a rocket.  “Earth to Angi. earth to Angi, this is mission control and we need you to cool the jets please.”  “Yeah earth, this is Angi, and I’m a go for desert thrusters through Sunday.” 

If you have something exciting to celebrate or just want a change of pace, Table 13 in Addison, Texas is a must!  There is nothing ho-hum about this throwback festive family friendly dining experience.  Ladies, I dialed it up a notch and dressed for the occasion.  It’s the perfect spot to doll up and slip into that little black dress you’ve been keeping in the closet.  All of these are under $100. If you’re in the mood for love, make Table 13 your romantic date night!  

Angi & the band
3 generations

Yall know that I’m old school so it’s no wonder I simply adore this quaint old New York style joint. I use the term joint loosely because Table 13 is so unassuming from the outside. But when you step in the door you’re immediately transported into the days of old. Classic live music, festive cocktails and old fashion fine dining. I’m in!  Look at this booth. I’m such a booth girl. It’s so Brando don’t you think?   Not your average hole in the wall.



​The spirited scene is a throw back to the rat pack days minus the smoke!  It’s festive and was the perfect place to celebrate my mother in love (aka mom to Mr. Chicken Fry) for her birthday. Photos and pin-up girl art lines the restaurant walls.  My star-gazing hollywood mother in law was in heaven.



I loved that our spirited waiter brought our drinks and made sure that we were not in a rush. Table 13 is a no hurry atmosphere.  I mean after all, I took time to pamper up and put on the glitz and glam…which means I used eye shadow and lipstick! Thank you Remeverse and IT cosmetics for making me shine like a movie star!

The menu at Table 13 is robust and rich with some of the classics like Steak Diane, Chicken Cordonblue, Chaetueabriand. A little too much so for this FITness freak. Thankfully they were polite and accommodated my needy clean eating taste.   ←click here for my quick tips on how to order healthy while dining out! 


We started with an appetizer sample platter featuring crab cakes, deviled eggs, calamari, artichokes and shrimp.  My Mr. Chicken Fry even took it a step further and ordered escargot?!? For my entrée I chose the evening special which was ahi tuna and steamed vegetables.  True to form, I ordered requesting for the tuna to be seared without butter or oil and to leave off any cream sauce.  Unlike fancy restaurants now a days, the fine folks at Table 13 serve up plentiful portions.  No scrimping or chintzy two-bit meals.







I bet you can’t you guess which one is Mr. Chicken Fry’s plate?????  Have you ever seen a pork chop this GINORMOUS in your entire life?  Oh and guess what?  Table 13 is open for lunch and dinner.  What’s the cats meow is they feature live music 7 days a week. ​

​Make it a date night, a girls night or party for 10.  It really doesn’t matter because you will not be disappointed! 

Ok – here we go with the desert thing again.  At first, our sweet waiter came out to deliver a cinnamon apple something something to the birthday girl.  I thoguth the champagne had gone straight to my head, I blinked and out came a buffet of flaming deserts.  Like Frank Sinatra says…”I’m in heaven.”  Bannana’s Foster, Cherries Jubilee, LEMON and chocolate were sitting on our table.  What’s a girl to do?  DIG IN! Can you guess which desert I coudln’t stop eating?   I was about ready to BUST.  A three coarse meal FIT for 44 year old black and white rat pack wanna be!  

I was home and back in my infamous faithful grey sweats by 11pm.  I freed my face of the glitz and crawled under the covers with my main squeeze.

Love, live and do it your way!!!!!!!!

Angi xo

Stay tuned for tomorrows FITting room sports bra sales alert!  


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