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Tid Bit Tuesday: Metabolsim

Is it just me?  I can’t be the only human who wages the daily war of continuous climate change with my own body.

I’m extremely cold natured. I carry a lightweight scarf (the infamous vinyasa scarf) that occupies permanent residency in my BIG O BAG, aka my life  my purse.  As back up I also bring a light sweater or jean jacket with me wherever I go just in case I get a chill.   Temperature wise, I’m almost never comfortable particularly in any indoor store, church, restaurant, vehicle, mall or office setting.  If the outside temp is 75 degrees or  above with zero wind I’m completely content.  However, the slightest breeze at 78 degrees or below and it’s straight up goose bump city.

At all times, I’m the frozen pop cycle in the passenger seat of Mr. Chicken Fry’s vehicle.  That man is a polar bear.  My internal thermostat runs warm but externally I’m a frigid ice-cube.  I honestly feel that I owe the genius human being who invented seat heaters a french kiss personal hug and a hand shake.  I use my trusty handy-dandy seat heaters year around!

Speaking of internal heat,  are you aware that you have an internal fat burning machine right at your disposal?  It’s built-in!   You have total access to greatest fat burning machine on the planet. It’s true.  You have unlimited access to a combustible melting pot.  All you gotta do is unlock the furnace and ignite the pilot light. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!  #FREE99!

While sitting outside by a fire during this past, almost non existent Texas winter, I was so comfortable and cozy.  I wasn’t too hot or nor was I chilly.  I was baby bear…just right. As I sat bundled up mesmerized by the vibrant warm flames I couldn’t help but think about my metabolism.  Not exactly your traditional camp fire talk but none the less true.  You see, Mr.  Chicken Fry was super proud of his handy work.  He had built one fine fire.

As the brisk night air blew, he would add more logs creating more heat for arctic little ol Angi! At one point he had a whopper piece of wood. It was HUUGE  Like a defiant kid, I could so tell that he so badly wanted to chuck it on the fire.  His pyromaniac tendencies were glaring.  I watched him retrieve the log and lift it.  I screamed, “Noo…it’s to big, it will put the fire out.”  Without delay the giant heavy boulder like log released from his hands and into the roaring fire.  The log crashing into the fire caused big sparks and some smoke,  but the fire continued to blaze on.


What was I afraid of?  That humongous log wasn’t too big.  The fire was burning so rapidly and hot that even a ginormous piece of wood wouldn’t prevent it from burning out.  DUH this is exactly like someone with a stellar metabolism.  Take me for example.  Yesterday was my birthday.  Now I don’t mean to brag but I have my metabolism running hot similar to an outdoor camp fire.  My celebratory piece of cake at lunch  and  desert after dinner, cannot stop my fat burning steam engine.  AS LONG AS, I don’t make  poor eating choices a habit and as long as I continue to work out and as long as I keep eating healthy high protein low carb foods, One piece of decadent iced cake isn’t going to nix and blow my metabolism.

The secret to weight loss or maintaining a lean physique is learning to USE FOOD to fire up your metabolism. People are often confused by this statement.  YES, I’m suggesting that you use food to lose weight!!  It’s true that you can eat your way to a healthier more lean physique.

Are you one like Mr. Chicken Fry who has long had a fascination with fire?  This could be your grande opportunity to awaken your inner pyro!  Wake up and stoke or start your very own fire. Pop a few boiled eggs and wash it down with a cup of coffee. Boom fire started.

To keep your fire a glow, in 2 to 3 hours or so you should ingest another high protein food such as protein bar or shake. I’m a fire fanning fan of the Quest Nutrition bars.  Lemon and blueberry muffin are my current favorite flavors.   Again, right about the three-hour mark your fire will need some energy.  Try a grilled chicken salad or sandwich with no dressing, no cheese topped with fresh vegetables.  Light it up up up!  Twice more you will want to fan the flames with some nuts, edamame or high protein low carb snacks. To end the day, eat a lean grilled piece of meat or fish, steamed vegtables and brown rice.  This plan isn’t fancy, but it’s manna to metabolism.  If you are a night own and need a little something something before bed try frozen berries or a few big spoonfuls of steel-cut oatmeal with honey.

Speaking of honey…coming soon a post on the numerous benefits of honey!

You are master of your very own metabolism.  You hold the keys to a fat burning machine that has the potential to burn bright.  With summer upon us it may be a while before you find yourself by a fire.  With that said, try to stay mindful of the 4 alarm rager inside your very body!  Keep a steady stream of logs bursting on scene.

Love, feed the flame and build your tight lean frame!



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