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The FITing Room: Shorts Edition

For at least 5 years now I have been wearing the Lululemon Speed Short.  From the day we met, it was love at first sight.  There has been no other workout short for me.  Except last month when I tried a version that it similar from Athleta. I’m not here to knock Athleta, they make fine quality active wear. But my heart will forever be true to the SPEED SHORT!

Have you every found a pair of shoes that just rock!  You love the way they feel and look so you buy several pairs in every color?  Yeah well that about sums up my response to the Lululemon speed short…you could say they are just my speed! Please don’t misconstrue the name (of the shorts) and my physical ability.  I have never been fast and I’m not ever going to be fast!  I don’t wear these shorts to be any kids of fast, I wear them because like a great shoe, they fit me like a glove!

I talk a lot about dressing for your body type.  The low waisted speed short is perfect for a no waisted short girl like myself.  This style of workout short is my daily uniform 6 days a week up until about mid September when it ‘s too cold to wear shorts.  The built-in panties basically make my life a little easier every single morning. Careful not to wake anyone, because my training job requires early hours, I get dressed in the dark, in my closet at the crack of dawn.  Therefore the idea of not having to remember one more layer is simply FITastic.  Because yes, we busy working mom’s sometimes might forget our under garments due to the fact that we are tired, lazy, dressing little ones, or forgot to finish the laundry.  EEK!

I bought these yesterday to add to my growing collection.  The small zipper pocket in the back comes in hand more often than you would think.  The pocket isn’t deep enough or long enough for a cell phone but is perfect for a key or small group of keys, credit card and cash.  The shorts have a 2.5 inch inseam and have moderate coverage.  I like them because they aren’t to long or bulky looking.   

What’s cool about knowing your style at Lululemon is unless you just want to visit a store, you can order on-line as new patterns come available.  I prefer to skip the hassle of driving, parking and undressing.  I only go into the store so I can browse for you fine folks.  Labor of love… I tell ya!

Y’all, I’m in trouble, My teen queen has also developed a growing affection for Lululemon. Help me now!!!   What’s worse is she totally deserved a report card reward for straight A’s!  Pictured below is the teen queen sporting the 4 way stretch speed short MASH UP in black and White.  She paired it with a cute see through tee called HINT of SHEER!    This cutie mid-drift isn’t just for the gym.  It would be OH so darling with a pair of jean shorts and a colored bandeau. Almost to cute to wear in the gym!

The helpful staff talked me into trying on some new styles.  First up is this limited edition short called the Pace Perfect.   At first glance I thought I was sold.  It looked so cute on the hanger.  However, regardless of the high-waisted trend, I just can’t do it.  Personally it makes me feel like an old old lady and secondly, it’s not a flattering look on me.  Even with a workout top or tank they didn’t suit my figure. But just because it isn’t for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!  That’s the beauty of the clothes…something for every shape and size!

I was totally digging the Grey PACE PERFECT TANK !  It has a wide cut out side with a high crew neck. The length hit a little lower than my belly button!  This too would be cute in our out of the gym!

The second pair I tried was the 2.5 inseam HOTTY HOT.  Not on me there not!  These will work great for a long-legged curvier figure. I couldn’t get it off fast enough.  These were too baloony and loose.  Secondly… what in the world is going on with my back side?  Did I just see my grandmother’s rear end in the photo??  NO WAY JOSE!  BYE FELICIA! Lord have mercy…

Lastly is the  FINAL LAP SHORT!  This is a super close comparison to the Speed Short.  The difference is it’s a wee bit more roomy around the quads and it doesn’t have a zipper pocket in the back.  The Final Lap short for now only comes in perforated ventilated pattern but it does offer an assortment of colors.  I just loved the fresh bright look of the white.  I paired it with this grey tank called the


I took a gander through the sports bra section.  I didn’t mean for it to happen but I kind of LOVE this soft stretchy sports bra so I bought it.  It ‘s pictured in almost all of the photos above.  I was having such luck that I ventured way out and tried this bra on.  What in the world?


The look on my face says it all about this negligee sports bra. It’s almost if they were trying to bring the bralette look into the active wear scene.  It’s way to frilly night-time low cut to be helpful for workouts.

Yes, Lululemon is expensive BUT…the quality of the products are second to none.  Also…I think of every piece of lululemon as a collection of sorts.  I add to my collection.  I don’t feel that I have to buy every single piece in the whole big  store.  I buy one or two items per season.  So Sue me.  Look at this 5 year collection  I still get mad compliments on my VERY FIRST PAIR!  What a testament to the company and to my care for skills.


Teen queen is wearing the INTENDED CROP TEE which comes in two colors!

All in all it was a fun mother daughter shipping event! What once was like taking a bullet to the brain is much easier but more expensive!!  EEK!  I did like having a companion for my FITing room fiasco!

Love, grind it’s all about the B-HIND!



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  1. Personal question (if you don’t mind), how tall are you? I am only 5′ 1″ and I am constantly looking for shorts that fit my body style! Like you, I am not a high waisted fan. I have also tried Athleta and have not been super excited about their fit. Thanks!

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