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Howdy from The George

Greetings and happy Tuesday.  How was your weekend?

Me and Mr. Chicken Fry spent the better part of our time hanging our hats on the sidelines watching the teen queen play lacrosse. A weekend extravaganza dedicated to the lovely young ladies of the Coppell High School girls lacrosse team. This was her first official high school tournament sponsored by the Aggieland Lacrosse. We were psyched for a road trip to watch these hot shots in action.

My favorite part of a road trip is the anticipation of a HOTEL room. Girls, I don’t know about y’all but I love ALL things hotel.  I can move into a hotel room faster than you can say room service.  There is nothing I don’t adore about a clean crisp hotel room. My attraction quite possibly stems from the fact that I’m off duty.  On the other hand it could be that I’m a one touch button away from someone bringing me something.  Even if it’s just extra pillows…ya gotta do it!  I admit that I fancy the bathroom toiletries, the tidy room before I mess it all up (because I can), the coffee, the sheets, and the towels that I don’t have to launder!!  I enjoy it all in all its splendor. A one nights stay in a hotel is chicken soup for the soul.

Good o’l Mr. Chicken Fry surprised me a day in advance with a hotel different from the designated “team” hotel.  This was an extraordinary decision that awarded him big time bonus points in my book!

The George,  has it going on!  A fairly new property skilled with a perfect blend of swagg and Texas charm.


Folks if you have a kid at a near by university, traveling for or to an alumni gathering, football game, parents weekend, college visit or sporting tournament, The GEORGE is the place to be. We had a corner two room suite with a giant patio balcony complete with gigantic Texas sized rocking chairs! The custom leather decor, fur pillows and hysterical tile work were fantastic. The room was spacious and don’t doubt for one second that me and Chicken Fry didn’t play tick tack toe in our matching robes!

There are so many exciting things to tell!

The George is tucked away in a new modern area called Century Square which is surrounded by several hip restaurants/ bars, shops and activities.  All of which are within walking or biking 🚴 distance from the hotel. The George has complimentary bikes for cruising around this thriving, happening stretch or further into campus.  The  George is less than a mile away from campus and the lacrosse fields which made it super convenient for our visit. I wish we had been able to ride but unfortunately our weather was not conducive to biking.

Let me also mention that the Valencia Group owns several hotels in Texas.  One of which is a sister hotel to The George.  It’s located right behind (10 paces away) called the Calvary Court.  Apart of Century Square, it’s set up more like a high-end motel.  Rooms on the top and bottom floor with exterior doors exposed to the ultra mid-century modern pool and lawn area.  It’s themed with landscaping to match. It also has a restaurant bar called The Canteen and TACK SHACK.  This edgy honky-tonk had plenty of pool tables to get your game on, live music, fire-place, heated patio and rocking chairs, and super good traditional Texan food.  Hello chips and thousand island dressing upon arrival.  YEE HAW Y’ALL!


Friday and Saturday night live music made the cozy and artistic lobby of The George feel like a friendly hang out. The whiskey bar, the central focal point of the hotel, consist of shelves lined with whiskeys I never even knew existed. Now I’m a when in Rome kind of gal so pour me an old-fashioned please. (sugar-free).

Poppy’s is the hotel restaurant. It features a 360 degree floor to ceiling windows for a beautiful view of the hotel pool and manicured lawn.

Mr. Chicken Fry and I took full advantage of the complimentary breakfast buffet put on at the The George before bouncing to the lax fields.  It was a spread of breakfast foods such as bagels, muffins hot coffee and tea.  An assortment of fresh fruit, cereal and yogurt with all of the spices and sugary accouterments.  I was forced to turn a hard-core blind eye to the very large warm cinnamon roll Mr. Chicken Fry wolfed down.

She shoots and she scores! Our teen queen only shot one goal but had many assists despite the losses. It was cold and rainy but these girls played their hearts out!

Yes, The GEORGE is a trendy boutique hotel but it’s also family friendly.   The lobby is dusted with classic favorite board games and books.  Play games like Sorry, chess, Monopoly or a few rounds of shuffle board. Comfy couches and loungers give this property a down home, boy marries an artsy designer southern belle, sort of vibe. Custom everything but not so fancy that it feels stuffy.  Secondly, the art! I was so impressed and inspired. The pictures have to say it all.  The hotel service and staff were amazing and always helpful.  A neat fun fact is, The George is named after President George Bush Sr. whose presidential library is located in College Station.


img_0207Were we dined

Hotdoddy is a new casual, order here and we will bring it your table, kind of burger joint.  It was packed on a Friday night with what appeared to be upper more mature upperclassmen.  But then again it was early!  This cool restaurant had a large square bar in the center with large TV’s all around.  Known for their speciality burgers, I had an Ahi burger minus the bun.  It was seared to perfection and dripping with wasabi and ginger flavored bites.

The Dixie Chickenwas a staple iconic must between games.  True to form the dusty o’l bar and grill remains in tact and unchanged with all of its rustic wall signs and welcomed vandalism.  I ordered a grilled chicken salad topped with salsa and it hit the spot.


Napa Flatshosted our team dinner Saturday night.  Situated in a strip mall near sorority row, this italian wood fire grill was the perfect family friendly spot. I had a double chicken light cheese barbecue pizza thank you very much.  I felt I had earned a cheat meal after all of the walking, cheering and working out in the lush FITness center in the hotel.  See a portion of my workout below.

One of my favorite ↑ virtual workout warriors  who attends Texas A&M, said that Napa Flats is an upscale restaurant that students recommend to their parents because they can only afford to eat it with mom and dad’s credit card.  HINT HINT!

I wante to make sweat and hay in this brand spankin new FITness Center and so I did.

I started on the treadmill for a warm up before moving in to the weight room.  I did forward lunges with weights and a curl at the top for 20 reps.  Check out my hanging ab  tucks (one leg at a time) for 10 each side. Seated lat rows for 20 reps.

Lastly,  20 reps of med ball push ups followed by med ball crunches up over one leg alternating knee tucks.  I was short on time but still got a good pump on.

I finished with about 20 minutes on their bad to the bone lateral machine.  I was so impressed with this funky cardio killer.  It was difficult to the max but I liked it A LOT! 

The girls played some hard ball in Aggieland. They took a beating in the cold rain for two games.  All three games were a near miss losing by only a single point.  They fought and  played their hearts out.  We will surly get them next year.   The Aggieland Classic lax fields and facility were amazing even considering the wet muddy slippery conditions.


You’re curiosity about the sheep at the The George?  Well, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you so it’s best you go see for yourself.  You will NOT be disappointed,  I promise.  Whether you’re planning a visit to see your kid or a future college visit, make a reservation at The George.  In fact tell them Angi sent you.  Use promo code:ABERCROMBIEFIT for a room discount.

Love, squat deep and by all means move the sheep!



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