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Breaking Bad

Hello – My name is Angi and I was recently addicted to Breaking Bad.  I feel as if have basically been cooking methamphetamine for the better part of 3 weeks.  It all started when Mr. Chicken Fry added ROKU to our bedroom television as a pre-Christmas gift.  At the most opportune time, the holiday break, I found myself in bed with Netflix at my finger tips.

I’m what most would call a “series” rookie.  I have not formally engaged in any of the wildly popular series shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, or Game of Thrones.  I hadn’t yet understood what it meant to truly lock myself away and binge watch.

Just after Christmas, I blindly made an executive decision and after one 48 minute episode of Breaking Bad, I was hooked.  INVESTED!  LOCKED IN!

Sure, I managed to get out of bed, brush my teeth and throw in an occasional load of laundry! By regular human standards I was a functioning decent adult on the outside.  But on the inside I’ll I could think about was Walt and Jessee.  It was  like living in a dream right on the edge looking for any free moment to catch another episode.

For anyone reading this who isn’t privy to Breaking Bad don’t worry I won’t spoil it.

The entire 5 season fictional show is about a chemistry teacher who, coincidentally has lung cancer, gets involved in cooking meth.  This man, WALT, who was living a hum drum life, begins making some serious choices that have grave consequences.  He becomes obstinate and reaches a point of no return.  The entire show Walt is always justifying his “bad behaviour.”  He believes that  he is “doing it” all for his family.

The truth, which the audience knows, is that at every turn his decisions aren’t for the betterment of anybody but himself. Bad habit after bad decision after bad choice, Walt just digs deeper and deeper into doom.

Any parallels to your life?

You may think that your torrid relationship with food is really about your divorce or ex-boyfriend, but I guarantee it isn’t.  It’s about you.

Your repulsion to exercise isn’t because 30 years ago your daddy said you were FAT.  Yes, it hurt your feelings really really bad.  Shame on him…but ultimately your lack of activity and overeating is about you.

It’s time to BREAK BAD and break up with the bad habits and move forward.

It’s time to take some ownership honey.  The first step is admittance.

  1. Admit that you are POWERFUL over your mind and choices.  You are going to choose love even for your enemies and take charge of your life. LOCK IN and INVEST in a new state of mind.

2.  You are going to resource the heck out this thing.  Breaking bad habits may and often requires tools to help you out of the muck.   Some christian therapy maybe?  Books, meetings, magazines, apps, or gym membership.  Hire a trainer, take some time at the grocery store and step by step you can adjust your palette and get the blood pumping again. Find a christian counselor or friend to hold you accountable to workout, eating healthy and/or time in the Word.

Speaking of bad habits.

I read this today and just have to share.

Matthew 5:44 “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

This command is so contrary to human nature that even those of us who hae said for years that we are followers of Christ have usually not followed Him very far on this point.  Loving anyone beyond our close circle of family and friends is difficult;we can manage if we try.  But this command is more difficult than loving those people close to us who annoy us a little bit.  It is more difficult than loving passing acquaintances and even complete strangers.  This tells us to love those who actively seek to do us h arm, those who have nothing but ill will for us and w ill likely mock any attempt we make to reconcile with them. There is absolutely nothing in it for us, at lease on the surface.  And yet, it is not just a suggestion; it’s a command.

We are prone to withhold love from those who get on our bad side.  We often use our love as leverage – a rewarded for those we like and a lost privilege for those we don’t like.  But JESUS gives us no allowance for this.  There is no one on the planet from whom we are told to withhold love.

Think about those whom you can consider enemies or who have declared themselves your opponents.  Perhaps they disagree with your faith or your politics; perhaps they have betrayed your confidence, perhaps its just a personality conflict.  Make a list.  Then review the list with an understanding that everyone on it is to be the object of your LOVE!

Is this possible?  Humanly speaking no.  We can no more manufacture love than we could save ourselves from sin.  BUT…Ask God, the author of all  love, to love them thought you.

Chris Tiegreen

Isn’t that just beautiful.

I don’t know what your bad habits are and I certainly can’t judge.  I have my own “breaking bad” going on.  I’m absolutely making up my mind today.   I will begin at the kitchen sick with a good old-fashioned wash my mouth out with soap as a reminder to clean up my language.  Yall, I can cuss like a sailor and often for no good reason.   It’s gross and ugly and I always feel shame after.  Especially when I slip up in front of the teen queen.  URGHHH

What about you?  Do most of your bad habits revolve around health and diet?  Are you a grudge holder and terrible at forgiveness?  Does profanity glide from your lips as easy as lip gloss?  Have you kept a lid on your sippie cup of lies and deceit?   Are you so disgusted with yourself that you don’t even know where to start?  BREAK FREE from THE BAD!

It’s possible.  Anything is possible with Jesus. Including weight loss. God didn’t create our intricate and delicate bodies to spoil in saturated fats.  Open you life to Christ and pray about your weight.  Ask God for HIS infinite wisdom and guidance in every matter.  The Holy Spirit might nudge you to join a gym or prompt you to start the home workout program.  HE might lead you to a local christian personal trainer (that cusses like a sailor)  lol

God is good and will never fail you.  HE answers prayers according to HIS kingdom and purpose.  Almighty God will always help and direct your way by using people, numbers, conversations, pennies from heaven and maybe in a simple blog post. (wink wink)

I have since started a new series.  I began the CROWN, which is a based on a true dramatic series about Queen Elizabeth.  It’s historical and I have made a vow to take it at leisure.  My bad language could be (most likely is) the result of watching way too much cinema. Thankfully, the CROWN seems to be decently clean.

Love, be glad and break bad!



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