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Tiddie taboo shoe review

In 1973, an all American shoe trend was on the brink of explosion.  A wildly popular and unique take on sandals swept the nation for over a decade.  It was an obscure marriage of rubbery tubing and soft foam creating one of the worlds softest sandals!

People of all ages and races flocked to the stores to purchase a pair of the one the only “Tiddie” sandals.  It’s name said it all!  The genius flirty name was substantially less taboo than it’s legendary logo.

THE LOGO speaks volumes!

Named for the uber soft texture, the unisex Tiddie flip flop caught on like a wild fire.  No one really knows if it was the blushingly racy logo or the sly play on letters.  Perhaps it’s the pattened promise of cushy sole that won the hearts of red blooded Americans.  It’s brave and honest which is why Tiddie sandals were a household name.

My conservative daddy owned a pair as did my wild child older cousin Scott.  I remember seeing their brown bare feet in the cushioned rubbery contraption and wished to have my own.  I would put them on and flip and drag daddy’s size 13’s around the house. I think mom forbid him from buying me a pair because it seemed sacrilegious for a young girl to be seen wearing this “taboo sandal”.  I remember the rows and rows of TIDDIE sandals on the store walls.

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This memorable retro shoe was not forgotten and a forever favorite dear to my heart. While having wine with girlfriend we were talking about things from our past that we loved.  TIDDIES made the top ten.  Thanks to technology, we both promptly Googled and there it was in all of it’s vintage glory…

We both placed our orders while giggling like school girls!  WHY NOT?!

I’m all growed up and I’m bringing TIDDIES back!  

The best part,  Tiddies are made in the USA in the lone star state of Texas.  HANDMADE in Texas since 1973…the year I was born!

My sporty pink pair arrived yesterday. Feeling both mature and youthful, I tore open the box and wipped them onto my bare feet in record time.  I felt like a kid.  I modeled out to show my Tiddies to Mr. Chicken Fry.   Can you even believe that he was unamused by my new Tiddies.

“Don’t cha like my Tiddies? “

Hey want to touch my Tiddies”

“These Tiddies are sooo soft.”

What do you know…I got a smirk and part chuckle from the guy who without doubt own a pair.  I also bet in a week he will be begging for a pair!  #FATHERSDAYGIFT

Next, I took a quick photo and text it to Daddy and Scott.  I commended both gentlemen for their stellar fashion sense and fine work on an impressionable young girl in the mid seventies.

Not wanting to leave my  precious hippie teen queen high and dry, I custom ordered her a pair of Tiddies.  Believe it or not, I think she likes them!  #teenqueenapproved

These funky hipster sandals are without doubt going to be the talk of the town, pool, lake, resort, beach club, county club and more! People everywhere will want to touch them, study them and order their own TIDDIES!

Tiddies are adjustable and should be snug not tight!  They are a casual fresh fun look and perfect for running around town.  Tiddies are guaranteed for 6 months after purchase.  Straps may require occasional adjustments and or replaced occasionally.  They offer a 90 day exchange or refund policy which I highly doubt you will need!  Call or email if you have questions

I DO NOT recommend any form of exericse in these bad boys.  Much like a standard flip flop there is very little surrounding support of the actual foot. But where it lacks in support, it makes up for in COMFORT!

I think TIDDIES are way better than Crocks or Jellies ever thought about being!  Who knows, maybe CROCKS will make a comeback when the teen queen is in her forties!

What I know today is that I’m so happy with my new pink perky TIDDIES!

BTW you can custom order TIDDIES!  Pick the color, tubing color and accessorise your TIDDIES!

Look y’all, life is so short.  Wear what you love and brings you joy!  If it’s an old school T Rock t-shirt, jellies or a pair of Tiddies…do your thing!  Be legendary! Dress like your funky inner child!

Love, live and forgive





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