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High & Waisted

What is with all of this high rise nonsense?

The 80’s called and they are demanding all denim high-rise jeans and shorts back!

Take it from me, someone who survived the high rise nonsense, it isn’t all its cracked up to be!

In the mid 80’s, I was an awkward teen with big, chemically infused hair.  I wore the cut off Levi’s style because it was all we had to choose from. The high waisted jean style that is trying to make a comeback is in actuality the MOM jeans of the 90’s. The MOM jeans that occupied their very own successful SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit.  The 90’s made a boat load of fun at this unfortunate trend because it was just B-A- D BAD!

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Why would any designer in their right mind bring back an ugly “mom” fashion????  We had our laughs in the 90’s.  Why put yourself out there for additional torment?

High rise pants/ jeans, skirts and swimsuits painfully accentuate, to no end, the stomach. Girls, did you hear that?  This style is actually making your tummy look larger than life.    Even tight tiny teenagers can barley get away with this no good fashion statement.  

To make matters worse, it elongates the upper buttocks/back which for most white girls is not a positive attribute. #flatass

Stop it girls.  Just end it now.

I hate to say this but…as a southern gal it’s only kind to be honest.  Girls, unless this is your EXACT body type style, don’t do it.

Now hear this:  High waisted jeans are incredibly flattering on hourglass body types.  Therefore for those that have a full chest and hips but a smaller waist. Stretchy high waisted pants will be your BFF because they have a flexible waistband, but enough “give” for your butt and legs.

If you are not HOURGLASS shaped…which is almost a perfect female build…it’s NOT a good look.  I think less than a quarter of the female population can pull off this sad 80’s remake.  IT’s NOT FLATTERING.

In the 80’s we didn’t know better.  We didn’t have the luxury of You Tube tutorials and social media influencers like Amber from LIKE TO KNOW IT!  to show us the way.  Our make up and hair skills were merely replicated versions from a sneak peak at an older sibling or friend preparing for a night out.

Here is the secret.

The trick/ the secret FOR ALL OF US!  If you are young, middle age, or mature the goal is to find a classic style that FITs your body type.  Trends and fashions will forever come and go.  Changes in style are inevitable because it’s how advertisers make money.  Designers think up creative ways to jazz up an old version of a jean style. Sometimes the new versions are spot on and work like a charm for every body type.  But in this high waisted instance, it’s an epic fail.   We are not all built the same, yet we try so hard to fit a square peg into a round hole.  We fall for it even if it costs us our best look.

When I was in college the preppie college, sweater around the neck, was the hottest thing.  Girls flocked to HAROLDS.  This was a retail store equal to Ralph Lauren.  A very conservative classic style that did me no favors.  High waisted wrap skirts with scrunched ankle socks and flat Cole Hahn’s didn’t really work for me.  For many months I muttled through this trend feeling insecure knowing it was not my best look.  I was so thrilled when black leggings and long chambray shirts and Birks were back in style.

During my mid 30’s is when I finally discovered my best look.  I had nailed my body type.  I knew then that low waisted or empire style clothing was my jam. I learned how to update a classic outfit with trendy jewelry and shoes while still being true to myself. I’m a T-shirt and jeans girls through and through.

I myself…I’m a hippie chick.  Give me the low waisted 70’s styles all day every day.  A button fly with a flare and tall wedge is the BEST. I can wear a drop waist romper or an empire fitted dress.  I can do T-shirts and low waisted skinny jeans or jean shorts any day of the week.

Now if you are a high waisted bombshell, I’m so happy you can rock this trend. You are getting away with murder in my book.  If you can legitimately pull off this style without looking frumpy and chunky you’re an amazing women.  I wish to be you!

I’m too way too short, I have no waist and no hips to support this fashion statement.

Hats off to you divas at all ages rocking and owning this style.

It is not that I’m not brave, it’s not that I don’t want to be cute stylish and vogue, it’s just that I can’t pull it off.  I have tried and it’s not a pretty picture.

If you too feel insecure in a high waisted pant, divorce it and move on.  It’s not your cup of tea. Thi’s doesn’t mean you are a sorry loser.  all it means is that you need to find a style that matches your body type. Once you figure this out your life will forever be changed.

Maybe you look great in dresses.  If so…by all means strut your stuff in a flowy non form fitting dress.  Maybe a long skinny maxi dress is a flattering style.  Try on tops and skinny jeans that highlight long legs.  The point is to for you to feel your best in whatever you choose to wear.

As for me, I laid to rest the high waisted movement.  I employ you to do the same with any thing that doesn’t make you feel feminine and strong.

Love, find your FIT and rock it!


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