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Thankful Times

Scroll down for a competitive family fun outdoor game!  YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT! 

I’m quite sure that everything I’m about to say will not be a news flash for anyone as we are all in this mess together. However I felt strongly compelled to point out a few key elements of personal THANKFULNESS in this tense time of quarantine.


For the first week of home confinement (TEXAS) it was cold wet and misty outside. The kind of weather that gives you the grey blah’s. It made the sheltering feel darker and more depressing. But two days ago it all changed!  Tuesday the sun reared it’s magnificant head and has been shining and brightening my days.

The mere slice of vitamins the sun produces gives immediate gratification. Im thankful for the sun that provided excellent weather to get outside and pittle in the yard or lay in the sun or take a walk or work on the lap top from the back yard.   The sunshine moved us from the couch to the outdoors and that is saying A LOT these days!

I was so excited to be outside.  I didn’t want to back in the house.  I got busy pulling weeds and washing windows.  I think I scored a faint tan line but the fresh air did my spirit well!  

The sun had me deep thinking and I’m undoubedly eternally grateful for day light savings time. Yall…can you imagine what quarantine would have looked like during the Winter?  The longer day light is such a game changer.  What could have been a very very very isolating dark quarantine is now LIGHT!  Thank you Jesus. 

I’m oh so blessed and thankful for technology. The folks at Zoom have made it such a seamless process to have group meetings and in my case group workout sessions! In less than 5 minutes I created a ZOOM  account and had a virtual class up and running…more like sweating! Zoom has single handey allowed my FITness business to continue operating. I’m grateful for it and the fact that it’s forced me to be tap into my creative side.  

Yall…I got my broomstick on this morning.  No I didn’t get all witchy with my family…I used a broom as a workout tool.  That’s right…a workout with a broom. Yes. A basic broom, lacrosse stick, bat,  golf club, PVC pip or whatever you can find.  Next up the dish towel/ pillow fight workout. So to be fair to my home bound clients I’m also doing the workouts from the confines of my living room opposed to the gym. HIT me up in the comments if your interested in getting in on the virtual LIVE sessions!  

I’m thankful that yesterday Mr. Chicken Fry forced me to make a trip to CostCo with him.  And let me say… we hit the WOE!  We landed a giant package of paper towels and toilet paper.  Chicken Fry had an inside source (aka facebook) that told him about the paper products.  The two of us and a shopping cart made a B line for the back corner of COST CO.  There it was in all of it’s glory…stacks and stacks of BOUNTY paper towels.  Yall we were down to two rolls!!!  It was like winning the lotto.  I casually asked a nearby  employee about toilet paper and he just grinned and said “they were out for the time being.”  Chicken Fry and I did some light shopping and had made it to the check out process.  We were litterally scanning items on the conveyor belt when I spotted a shopping cart with a very hard to miss ginormous bag of toilet paper.  I asked, “where did you get that?”   The kind shopper only pointed to the very back of the store.  Yall I took off like my life depended on it.  I was in flip flops flapping my way back to the store like a chicken.  Gaining steam, I could see carts coming my way with Kirkland brand toilet paper.  My heart was racing and I began to laugh outloud…WHO AM I?  When I made it to the back of the store…there was ONE small PALET of toilet paper and only three packages begging to be purchased.  I could hear a forklift in the back ground beeping beeping like this stuff was HOT off the truck.  I proudly took my package and huffing and puffing walked back to the check out line.  I felt like I had just scored the winning touch down!  HOORAY for toilet paper!  

MUSIC!  I’m so thankful for music.  In times like these music is an essential mood booster or enhancer.  Music transports your spirit.  We hae been having family jam sessions with props.  We busted out the old Wii guitars and had at it.  We each took turns picking a song that we all had to listen to and participate in which is hard when you don’t know current EXPLICIT RAP music.  (that’s another story)   I have an ALEXA and I boss her around a lot.  But I love playing music in the kitchen when I’m cooking or cleaning.  

JBL Bluetooth speaker wireless chargable


I’m most thankful that we (three) are all healthy! I’m thankful that as of today we are on a precationary quarantine and make the best of it.  Speaking of, I busted out our Kan JAM game last night.  Yall this is such a great game for all ages.  It’s a competitive skill frisbee game and proudly made in the USA!  Amazon has it for $40 bucks and it’s worth every penny.  You will play this during quarantine, during the Summer during the spring and fall.  It’s a party and family favorite.  

  • The #1 Outdoor Party Game in America. Kan Jam is a tremendously fun and popular competitive team game in the same family as Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, cornhole, and basketball.
  • In teams of two people, take turns throwing or deflecting the disc across the yard, beach, or park at your opponents’ goal – 21 points wins, or go pro and “chog” the disc for an instant victory
  • Set includes two portable, weatherproof goals, an official Kan Jam disc, and play instructions – it’s perfect for backyard or tailgate parties as well as camping – and kids and adults can compete together
  • This has been a family favorite of our for five years!  SO MUCH FUN…we even have the glow in the dark frisbee! 

That’s all for now!  

Love, stay home and HUG a loved one!

Angi xo


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