Bringing Sweaty Back

Working for the weekend

Remember when most American’s worked all week just to get to the weekend?  (sigh)

As a FITness instructor, a main stay question / gym topic has always been “the weekend” like “what did you do this weekend?” or “what are your plans for the coming weekend?”

Of course the answers always varied.  Some people had kids sporting events, church, birthday parties, dining out plans, concerts, pro sporting games, weekend get aways, stay cations, amauzment parks adventures, hunting, ishing, boating, or even lounging at home.

This was last weeks virtual workout warriors.  You are invited!  This is your personal invitation to join me for a zoom virtual LIVE hour training session.  I’;m hosting Live group training sessions daily via Zoom.  Weights are welcome but not a requirement.  We lift, we crunch, we sweat and get our heart rates up.  We crush calories and feel energized and empowered after it’s over.  If you’re interested, send a text or leave a comment below and i’ll plug you into the virtual session.  The more the merrier!

This is a time when we need to move our bodies and get rid of the tension and stress.  Take all of your cares and worries out on the exercise.  You will come out feeling refreshed, rejuvinated and ready for more.  Exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make you feel invincible.  

This past weekend was uniquely DIFFERENT!  For the first time in history the entire globe (or so it felt) all had the same weekend plans. WE stayed in. We stayed home. We cooked, we cleaned, we played a family game or activity, we watched Netflix, we listened to music, we took dogs for a walk, we worked in the yard, we cleaned a drawer or a closet, we chased kids, we cooked, we cleaned  and did it all again the very next day!  It is a wild and weird extreme time but it is what it is and we must make the most of it.

Now, I happen to love my house and enjoy being home. I’m a quintesential homebody. I’m never bored at home because I’m a task seeker.  I don’t mind projects and getting things done. So everyday during this sheltering, with the exception of my regular sweeping, and kitchen cleaning, I try to give myself something major to complete.  Such as, a one hour yoga session or window washing, or cleaning up the back yard.

This Saturday I declared it CAR WASH day!  I hand washed/detailed my own car and if I do say so myself shines like a diamond.

I ordered theARMOR ALL WASH KIT from Aamzon.  This brand has a five star rating and had my vehicle stying and profiling.   I went to down and used every product in the kit.  Total wash time for my two seater CORVETTE was about an hour and half.  I basked in the Texas sunshine with soap suds running down my driveway.  It reminded me of my high school days when I use to hand wash my 66 orange Mustang in a bikini.

Today…Monday I will wash and deordorize all of our sheets!  WHOOP the whole house will smell devine because I will use GLAM WASH DIVA.

Girls, I’m not lying when I say this scent is swoon worthy.  It’s not too floral or girly.  It’s a clean like essential oils scent that permeates the whole house.  I love it and use it sparingly because it’s so SPECIAL!

I have been saving our home office clean up for a rainy day.  I have ordered these extra Large cube organizers for all of our old but important paper work.  I will stack it and organize it all in this very messy closet!


This small closet has become the catch all for pictures, paper work. important documents and extra things.  It needs an overhaul and now is the time.  Thank you COVID19 for highlighting all of the ugly spaces in my life and allowing me the attention span to slow my role and do something about it.

To combat COVID-19 my whole family is taking a slew of vitamins and supplements.

Sambucus Elderberry Gummies 

These gummies are my go to immune building supplements. I take two every day as does the teen queen. These gummies have a triple action immune blend and I believe in their healing properties. The taste is at first bitter and berry is but over time you get use it!

I’m crazy about diffusing.  But I forget to do it or Im too busy and forget to fill up the diffuser.  This was the perfect time to fire it up and fill i to the brim with eupcluptus or lavender!  This sound reducing diffuser is on sale for $18.99.  It has 7 color changing LED lights and has a 5-7 hour mist time.

This is bargain set of the 6 most popular aromatherapy essential oils.Lavender,Tea Tree,Lemongrass,Eucalyptus,Peppermint and Sweet Orange. Each oil has different scents,characteristics,and properties. Easily blend or dilution,Perfect Aromatherapy set for beginners to the essential oil world.

Somehow the smell of sweet orange in the air makes the show Ozark a little less stressful to watch! Oh my heavens y’all season three is out!  It’s gangster as ever!    If you are a fan of Jason Bateman…you must watch the hit Netflix series Ozark.  It’s intense and graphic and the acting is superb. The plot revolves around laundering money for the drug cartel and I can say no more.  It’s deep and dark and I’m addicted to the never ending collision course.

Candles, essential oils or fresh flowers can brighten the mood in your home.  Treat yourself and everyone else in your shared space with a scented reward for all that you have endured in the last two weeks.

This 9  oz Capril Blue volcano scent candle is on sale. This candle is perfect for a bathroom, powder bath or any kitchen or office corner.  Now only $16 for the 9 oz.

What are you doing wonderful with your week day or weekend quarantine time?

Please share your ideas, thoughts and or get you some of these goodies and be on your way!

Love, rest and fill your home with aeromatic zest!

Love, exercise and energize!



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