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Just Bust a Move

You wanted it, now you got it. You want it, baby you got it!!!

Lately I have been asked a lot about home exercise equipment.  My advice is always simple…“FITness doesn’t have to be fancy.”

Ladies and gentleman you can get a FITastic workout in with minimal equipment.

In terms of home workout, I’m a big fan of the exercise ball/ stability ball. I highly recommend the purchase of one medium sized exercise ball…like this pink one I just ordered for Cass at Hi Sugarplum!  There are a variety of challenging exercises to be had on the stability ball some of which you might have seen last week here Balls to the wall.  

A stability ball is an inexpensive piece of equipment that can double as a workout bench for things like chest press, chest fly’s, back extension and much much more!

Check out the four classic exercises in the video below!

The key to these movements is balance and engaging the core.   Once you have mastered a move on the ground, change it up and add a ball or a BOSU and change it up to make it more challenging.

Please recognize that these movements can be done almost ANYWHERE!  (carpet, concrete, wood, or tile)  Hotel room, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, gym or living room floor.  The kitchen works also.

I’m so sad to report that the Ab Dolly’s are completely out of stock but I found this scooters that can provide the same motion and stability you need to complete these exercises!

Or this one By Champion

Let’s get to work!


ab dolly


balance ball

As sliders I use furniture movers or a towel, car carpet squares, cookie sheet or paper plates.


ab dolly




ACE movers


balance ball

ab dolly

resistance band

lay on ground


on ball
on bosu
on wall
on ground

A BOSU balance ball is a a bigger financial investment than a stability ball but has more functionality.  The pro balance trainer can be used on both sides.  This blue baby will help improve stability and balance.  It’s a add in for classic exercises like push ups, burps, squats, deadlifts, and core work.  It can also act as a workout bench for chest press, flys’ and tricep dips!

It’s my philosophy that lifting weights burns fat!  I use dumbbells daily.  5,8,10,12,15,20, 30 are the weights I use the most frequently.

Right now dumbbells are super hard to come by.  WALMART has a few in sock but limited on pounds.  Click here for the neoprene in 5, and 10’s also from Walmart! 

I found these on Amazon but hurry because they are going fast!

If you don’t have weights don’t fret! You can always use  large laundry detergent or Clorox bleach bottles for training.  The handles make it easy to grip and hold.

Let ‘s bust this Summer up!

Love, lift and be FIT!


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