Metabolism Monday, Muscles and Mascara

Super Size Surprise!

I tried the impossible.  I did my dead level best to pull off the impossibility of a surprise sweet 16th birthday party for the teen queen.  Do yall even know how virtually impossible this task is living in the year 2018? Yall, I gave it my best savvy techy well thought out, or so I… Continue reading Super Size Surprise!

Bringing Sweaty Back

SWEET 16 week 6 Oscar Challenge (video) 

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!  Only three more workouts to WRAP UP our 6 week red carpet ready challenge.  Who is still in it to win it? This Sunday is the film industry's biggest night, The 2016 Academy Awards. It's basically  movie fanatics Superbowl Sunday.  A tradition of glitz and glam from hollywood's best. In case… Continue reading SWEET 16 week 6 Oscar Challenge (video)