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Keen wha???

Quinoa  – pronounced (Keen) -(wah) 

Pardon me but would you like to quinoa?  Sounds like a ball room, Dancing with the Stars, tricky dance technique to me. Right?

So what is this quinoa I hear people bragging about?  Well, it’s a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds.  In the foodie world it’s mostly tied to psuedocereals and rice.  This grainy and sometimes tasty side dish contains essential amino acids like lysine and acceptable quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.  It is a gluten free food and considered to be a protein packed snack.

I started quinoaing about a year ago.  I discovered it in Natural Grocer store and decided to give it a try as an alternative to my weekly brown rice fixation.  To my surpirse I like it and whatsmore, its SOOO easy to make.  I ‘m using the pre-prepared packages of course.  No quinoa from scratch up in here!  Remember…I don’t really cook.  

The Kitchn had a great piece on how to cook fluffy quinoa for those of you who like cook from ground zero.  To be brutally honest, I would not have a flipping clue where to even begin to purchase a whole grain?  Like does my local Tom Thumb carry quinao or other whole grains like they do coffee beans? Or would I have to go to a Farmers Market or a black market harverster farmer type of person and do some under the table type of covert operation???

If your going for mass quantity and quality go for the Quinoa from Cost-Co.  For around $8.00 you can buy a giant bag of frozen quinoa.  Inside of the big bag are smaller portioned bags perfect for feeding two to four people.  However, if you find yourself in a Spouts or Natural Grocer, look for my favorite brand to buy which is Path of Life quinoa.  I have tried all of the flavors and Kale and Southwest style are my very favorites.   The food is super fresh.  Check out their website.  It has great receipe ideas for all of you chefty sort of people.   (I humbly salute you!!!)

Photo by Path of Life 

I’m a spicy girl so I like to trick out my quinoa.  I kick it up a notch and add black ground pepper and pepper sauce. I like it hot!   

I actually like to prepare my quinoa on the stove because it makes me feel like I’m cooking!!! However the quinoa Path to Life come in microwave safe bags for quick quinoaing!  Again, just like rice you can flavor this food with lemmon pepper, soy sauce, or tobasco.  You can do just about anything you please and quinoa your own way.  

So there you have it.  

Happy Tuesday my fine friends.

Love peace and a little more quinoa please!  Don’t mind if I do. These legs were made for dancing!  




Feature cover photo courtesy of Dancing with the Stars and quinoa photos from The Kitchn


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