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Back to LIFE

Back to reality!  As you might know, I was recently in Florida for FITness and a whole lot of FUN.  Despite two extremely very weak pitiful poor moments, I actually maintained a daper decent diet.

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m ONLY human. I hate to disappoint you but as it turns out, I DON’T have disciplined super powers and I completely caved ya’ll.  This kind of temptation happens when hanging around bad influence good friends and beautiful scenery. First off, my sweet friend and hostess  with the mostest greeted me at the airport with ←this!

So cute but since it was only 10am we waited patiently until 6pm to happy hour. Secondly, I have not had a home-made chocolate chip cookie in a like a trillion gazillion years.  From scratch baby girl and I whipped up a batch of gigantic cookies!  Go big or go home!   I was so proud that I didn’t have one finger taste test or spoonful of cookie dough during the process but I could not resist a fresh warm gooey cookie out of the oven.  I also might have… slipped up on a slice or two of pizza and a fluffy blue berry muffin, but enough about my cheating! img_3334

Here is a little chronicle of my week!

My first stop was the Publix, the local grocery store. I stocked up on bottled water, lime and lemon, kale, loads of fresh fruit and berries, nuts, pretzels, bags and bags of deli meat, quest bars, skim milk, eggs, Special K with berries, AND bacon and bread for Mr. Chicken Fry.  I made that man the breakfast of champions almost every morning.  I served him 2  heavy weight grilled ham egg and cheese sandwiches and a giant glass of O.J. and a chocolate milk.  What is he 4 years old??

I was like a top chef at this place.  Why is it so much more fun to cook at other people’s homes?  Perhaps it was the swanky kitchen set up and gourmet utensils?  YA think!  I’m easily impressed because Me and Mr. Chicken Fry operate out of a 1970’s kitchen (I’m not complaining one bit) just making an observation because her stove is like commercial grade quality.  Most mornings I started my day with COFFEE!!  img_0050

Followed by scrambled egg whites (one yolk) and some sautéed kale and onions!  Usually by noon my baby girl teenager was stirring so I would whip up a fresh Nutri Bullet smoothie with kale, berries, skim milk and honey!

Thankfully, we had a master griller who did the dirty work on the Big Green Egg.  Chicken, steak, fajitas and pork tenderloin were grilled to perfection.  Our grill guy marinated the meat in olive oil and seasonings that were unknown.   We all pitched in and did our kitchen duty on the side items.  We prepared fresh salads, steamed rice, baked fries or potatoes and fresh steamed vegetables.  On Mexican night,  I made fresh spicy guacamole with these giant Florida avocados! Have you ever seen avocados this big?   They are on steroids y’all.   I thought they were mango’s but I stand corrected. They were unreal.  I made my guac with red onions, tomatoes, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno and salt & pepper.



Almost every day we popped a cork and shared some bubbly while we watched sunset.  Followed by rooting for the good ol US of A cuddle up on the couch.  

One afternoon, all of us girls ventured out for a ladies lunch and tea at a quaint darling spot called Loomis. We were greeted with raspberry tea, fresh warm mini muffins and butter. I had the turkey croissant sandwich without the crossiant.  I had to draw the line somewhere and I wasn’t going to miss out on those muffins!  Later, I split a large bag of unbuttered movie popcorn with baby girl while enjoying a Sunday matinée.

Our last night in Lake Jovita we ordered out had authentic BBQ.  I ordered dry smoked pulled chicken and topped it with spicy barbecue sauce.  I was ready to hit the beach for some sun!  While in St. Petetersburg we had adult date night dining at Rum Fish.  No shocker that I love fresh tuna with wasabi and soy sauce.  Mr. Chicken Fry had his usual fried double batter shrimp and calamari. (that guy)  Our one and only beach lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and had a bite of a conch fritter.  img_3913

Last stop was a hibatchi grill called Blue Fugu!  This place was fantastic!  I high recommend it if you are in the area.  Mr. Chicken Fry went stir fry and had the shrimp and steak.  I ordered chicken and steamed rice.

I did workout with weights and cardio every day on my vacation.  I can’t help it!I power walked, played football, frisbee and volleyball.  I won a few swimming races and all in all burned up most of what I ate and drank!

While on our trip I did get some R & R.  I actually took some time and perfected my FITness in this energy pod!  I reclined and shut down from the world!  I took a quick snooze and enjoyed the vibration and tranquility of the POD!   If someone could have tossed me a soft blanket with silky edges, it would have been lights out for days!  When you close the pod it’s dark,  quiet and easy to slip off into never never never land.


Energized and ready to rock and roll.  I’m back home and ready to get back on track.  First stop,  the grocery story to gear up for back to school. Stock the pantry with healthy earthy fresh foods!  Let the games begin!

How did you spend your vacation?  Any good cheat meals to share?

Love, peace and ENERGY!

Angi xo



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