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Fluff Off

Good morning and please don’t get your panties in a big twist because of the racy title.  I intend for this post to be a finger-pointing and shaking in your face kind of post.  Ladies and gents, how many of you acquired a Summer fluff???  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m saying.  You know…the FLUFF! (picture above from etiennegros)

What the FLUFF are you talking about??

TheFLUFF is that pesky layer or in some cases, several layers that are mere remnants of the celebratory lazy hot days of Summer.  Fluff is beyond irritating because it casually creeps in and outta no where rears its ugly head.  One morning you’re simply dressing for the day and suddenly realize that you can barley button your snug pants.  The uncomfortable way your top grips your rib cage and pushes the skin up or down is yucky.  You pause, feeling perplexed and ask yourself “What the fluff happened?”

After all, didn’t we all dive into Summer like COW PLOW!!  Feeling hard, lean and like a FITness queen?  Now, just a few short months later, we are carrying around an extra 3-5, 6-8 or maybe even 10-15 pounds acquired during the break.  Blame it on the…

Go ahead honey let’s spill it. Blame it on the unorthodox lifestyle and wheels off routine.  Blame it on all of the unhealthy snacks you had stock piled in the house “for the KIDS”!  Blame it on the travel and sugary umbrella drinks at the all-inclusive resort or cruise.  Blame it on the hot sweltering days and chardonnay because you had to drink something cold and crisp. Blame it on the lake and the irresistible ice-cold beer and for some reason the queso just kept coming. Blame it on the bacon and big family style meals.  Blame it on the countless trips to Starbucks and the mocha double dutch fudge fraps for crying out loud.  Blame it on the lousy fast food stops from all of the road trips.  Blame in on all the crap liquids or lack of water.  Blame it on your Aunt Jo or Uncle Bob for that matter.  

I can really get specific!  In my case, the fluff comes from and not limited to insurmountable pieces of sweet treats like lemon cake, bottles of champagne, chocolate chips cookies, bread, champagne, chips and extraordinary amounts of guacamole and did I mention champagne?

So at least you are not alone!  WE…(goose), we all feel it!

Fluff Off!   

It’s time to take the fluff off!  The fluff has got to go!  It’s time to ditch the bloat and wave goodbye to water retention.

Here is what you WE are going to do.

  1. Lock up or toss out all tempting bottles of wine or alcohol.  You are entering a no wine/whine zone. Sunday through Thursday go alcohol free.  You can’t believe how residual alcohol use and a nightly glass or two of wine, adds up and contributes to unwanted fluff, better known as the muffin top!   It ain’t called the WINE waist for nothing girlfriend. Clean out your wine stock.  Keep your wine rack empty Sunday thru Thursday. If you don’t have it in your house, you can’t drink it!  And try not to blow it on the weekends.  Vodka soda, champagne are low in sugar.  Try to stay away from frozen margaritas or buttery liquor drinks.

Wine isn’t the only thing you need to clean out.  Get your pantry in order.  Get back on that clean weekly meal plan you were on.  Replace the wine drinking with sparkling water and lots of movement!  I fell in love with the Pressa Bottle because it’s a nifty spin on drinking bland boring water.  With this new water bottle,  I can now chug fruit infused water without a mess and hassle.   I get to create a new water drink in minutes.  I stay hydrated and more full which helps me not to over eat!

Also, instead of sipping wine from the couch, take your pressed water to the gym, outside or to bed.

Get out and move!

The weather is cooling off so there is no excuse not to get out and pound the pavement.  Power walk and talk. Jog and listen to a motivational pod cast or The Branch Church Watch and Listen.  Listening to a 30 minute sermon usually stirs my soul and I feel rejuvenated.   Other times I might be more in the mood to let loose and listen to a heavy metal rock band.   Get back on your weekly workout routine.

Hydrate and detoxify!  Flush out the fluff.  Check out this previous post on how to eat and drink your way to a beautiful tight 6 Pack!  Drinking or chugging massive amounts of water is beneficial for organs, skin and cells. It helps sluff off the swollen fluffy feeling.   If you want to go the extra mile invest in a bottle of Dandelion.  Dandelion is a natural root known to extract water basically used as a non harsh diuretic.    

Take a bathroom selfie.  I know, I know you’re thinking no way Jose…bad idea.  WRONG and stop that grimace it will give you wrinkles!   I didn’t say you have to be naked for goodness sake.  Wear panties and bra or your swim suit or workout shorts and spots bra.  Pictures are proof because they don’t lie.  On the other hand, pictures prove progress.  You don’t have to publish them on social media, or share them with your spouse or friend.  Just take it for YOURSELF!  Take a selfie in two week increments and watch and see how the fluff disappears!

At the end of the day or at the end of Summer in this case, don’t beat yourself up!  It’s just a little fluff!  You got it off once and you can do it again.  You had a splendid break. You let loose.  It’s ok.  In two short weeks, you can tighten up your diet and get back in the swing of your FITness routine.  Time to do the work now before you panic and boom it’s CHRISTMAS!

Now, say it with me…FLUFF OFF!  Here we go…

Love, peace and no more cheese!!!!




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