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Kamikaze KAMAGON workout

Don’t let the blue ball with handles fool you.

Introducing the Kamagon.  This ball of blue is full of water for a whole nutha level of resistance training.  A water resistance workout without any splash!   I like to think of it as kamikaze Kamagon and you’re going to want one!

This rubbery hard plastic and durable ball is a FITastic functional piece to add to into any FITnss repertoire!










Ever heard of Hydro Inertia?  Me neither.
Hydro-Inertia™ is: The utilization of water to create an unstable resistance that increases core strength and stability during exercise. This is fancy terminology for balance or instability training with water.  The majority of instability products currently on the market are primarily used as a base that you sit, stand or lay down on much like the BOSU!

By incorporating the Kamagon Ball into my workout routines, I’m mixing it up and creating instability throughout a full range of motion engaging  the entire body!  It’s all about the challenge y’all.

Here at Abercrombie and FITness I have to keep things fresh and new for my LIFErs (workout warriors for life).   The Kamagon ball is a perfect FIT because it can be used to train and tone the entire body.  It’s not the “answer” or the “only solution” but it’s a neat tool to add or use on a daily basis.

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The Kamagon comes in two sizes, a 9 inch and 14 inch and a variety of fun colors.    Pictured above is the 9 inch.  To inflate, simple remove the nozzle and fill it up with desired amount of water.  The side of the ball clearly shows markings to match 12 pounds of resistance or lower.  What I like most about the Kamagon is its crazy versatility.  If the ball is too heavy, I simply pour out water for a lighter level of resistance.

The Kamagon is awesome for static holds and light over head lunging and squatting. I chose the 9 inch because it’s not heavy enough to cause neck or back pain with over the head movements.   It also works well with my other favorite pieces such as the BOSU ball 

The Kamagon has endless functionality not to mention its travel worthy. Load it up for a road trip or keep it at the office!  Take it outside or use it the house or gym.  

Below are 10 fool proof exercises to get you going.  If you have been looking for a unique functional workout piece this is a safe and effective purchase.  Abercrombie & FITness Approved.


♥Kamagon Exercises & Workout Video♥ 


  • Kettle bell swings watch out!  

Now there is something meatier waterier!  Swing the Kamagon into action and water shifts creating a wave of resistance. Spread your legs wide and let this baby fly.  Remember to keep your back flat and let your legs do the work.  

  • Holy shoulders batman.  

Grip the handles and hold on tight for steering circles. The water coupled with circular movements is a sure shoulder blaster. Do 3 sets of 30 second increments of shoulder circles 30 seconds each way so 1 minute 3 times each.  For added resistance hold down in a squat while performing the shoulder circles.  Keep your tummy held in tight and breath through it.

  • Water thrusts with this bad boy will leave you feeling energized.

Take a big deep hop forward and thrust the Kamagon forward.  Jump back into a deep hop and thrust the Kamagon forward again.  Repeat for 20 hrust hops!

Keep your arms lifted and out in front of your body.

  • Kamagon gone Kamikaze abs

Russian twists seated or standing are fun with the Kamagon because you can feel the water 40 total russian twists 20 each side 3 sets.

14 inch Kamagon

hold boat pose with the Kamagon resting on your feet!

Full sit ups with over head press at the top is tough.  Try 20 reps for a start.

  • Atlas Lunges

Step out into a right lunge holding the Kamagon by the handles and twist over the bent knee.  Step back and alternate lunging and twisting with the Kamagon.

  • Back Lunges

Hold the Kamagon above your head while performing back lunges 15 each side

  • Jumping Jack Rabbits

Begin a jumping jack and thrust the Kamagon over head when your feet are spread wide in the jack position.  30 jacks.

  • Kamagon Front or Side Chops img_4588

Mimic a med ball chop to the front or to the side.  Grip the handles so you don’t lose the ball.  Hold on tight because the hydra initeria is a booger! 15 each side.

  • Side lunges 


Hold the handles behind your head – let it rest on the back across your shoulders blades.  Perform a side lunge and feel the slosh of the water forcing your body to stabilize.  Do 15 side lunges on each side.

  • Squat Presses or Plie Squat Presses

Hold the Kamagon at chest level.  Squat down and as you come up press the Kamagon over head.  Repeat for 20 reps.  This is effective on the black or blue side of the BOSU Ball

If you think the Kamagon is not challenging enough for you I can recommend an upgrade.  Check out THE SURGE.  I own it too and baby it’s TOUGH!   


Love, stabilize, and give the Kamagon a try!  



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