Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Summer Time 101

It's almost Summer and I couldn't be more excited.   We Abercrombie's spend the majority of the Summer, (next three months)  in our backyard.  We hang in the swimming pool, lay in the sun and or sit outside as much as we can! In Texas, it get's hot in a hurry therefore a backyard umbrella… Continue reading Summer Time 101

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITness Videos, Muscles and Mascara

Kamikaze KAMAGON workout

Don't let the blue ball with handles fool you. Introducing the Kamagon.  This ball of blue is full of water for a whole nutha level of resistance training.  A water resistance workout without any splash!   I like to think of it as kamikaze Kamagon and you're going to want one! This rubbery hard plastic and durable… Continue reading Kamikaze KAMAGON workout