Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Are you inclined to over eat just because it’s Thanksgiving?  Do you plan to wobble after you gobble?  That’s crazy talk girlfriend.  Incline your mind!

As your trusted trainer and friend, I’m inclined to tell you….the holiday is no time to blow it!

Now is the time to turn up the heat!  You heard me, turn the tables and get TURNT, up! We are going rogue with inclines.  We getting “TURNT UP” which is slang for, we getting wild up in here!

Working the incline adds some intensity to even basic exercises. It’s like playing a guessing game on your muscles.  A little Tom Foolery never hurt anything right?  I mean, the joke is ultimately on you and it will be no laughing matter.  Trust me, your muscles will thank you.  Get ripped! Why not?

Turn the tables on the deserts,  parties,  family gatherings,  and social drinking.   Play the incline game.  Work the incline baby doll.  Chest flys and presses from a flat bench are perfect exercises for beginners.  Ready for a little more, take the seat up or decline the bench past flat.   You may not feel the difference right away but the results will be LIT!

Now, if you’re lifting heavy you will be thinking, “the struggle is real.”  Oh yeah baby, I told you.  Dumbbell curls from a seated incline position is much harder than sitting or standing up straight.   Give it a try, be my guest!


Here are my personal favorite exercises to use on an incline or decline.

Curls, Chest press, Fly’s, back fly’s, Reverse crunches, reverse decline sit ups, push ups feet on the incline.

Playing with the incline on the treadmill is super FITastic.  Watch your heart rate go sky high adding a few notches of incline!

Good luck!

Love, work the incline and keep your body looking FINE!

Angi xo


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