Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

The Zsa Zsa Zee

This past Friday morning I did something I haven’t done in over 19 months.  I begrudgingly called in sick. As a business owner and professional I triple dog HATE making such a call. Ten minutes before a group of eager workout warriors would arrive, I reluctantly sent out a group text canceling the training session.  My “zsa zsa zee” had run out. I knew39101 my tank was low but I had run it smooth empty.

True, I had been ignoring the wonky cloggyness forming in my head.  I had somehow  managed to suppress my sore throat with double dose amounts of (vitamin)  MANNA C .  However, after pushing through a holiday party Thursday night my body shut the shut down!

I’m sure that staying up until 2:15am and the ever-loving flow of champagne was not at all detrimental to my cause.  I can now attest to the fact sinus pressure and sparkling bubbly is a lethal combo causing an off the chart headache to beat the band.

Perhaps it was the bright twinkle light atmosphere and the amazing band!  Wait…maybe it was the festive fellowship and jovial Christmas spirit floating all around. Maybe the boutique artsy swanky Hotel Zsa Zsa was the final straw and zsa zsa zee sucker?img_6614-1

Despite my growing under the weather feeling, I put my best glitz and glam foot forward for this special occasion!  Mr.Chicken Fry and I dialed it up a notch for this down town shin dig. I even pulled out my fun little Christmas light handbag.  Isn’t it too cute?  It’s simply petite and perfect for carrying lip gloss and a phone.   A chill was in the air and I was destined to tear up this sexy plexi glass dance floor even if it killed me.


Now you can take the man out on the town but you can’t take the chicken fry out of this guy!  True to form, I caught Mr. Chicken Fry loading up on chicken fry bites and bacon bits.  My plate, not pictured, was loaded with fresh spinach and a whopping piece of smoked salmon filet.  It was delightful.


The folks at ETS (Event Technology Services) know how to throw and enjoy a party. ETS brought me, owner and trainer at Abercrombie & FITness, on board 15 months ago as the health and wellness advisor.  I was honored to lead the charge during an 8 week employee health and wellness challenge encouraging clean nutrition and workout. The folks did so well and improved physically and mentally therefore I have stayed on as the corporate FITness trainer. These are just a few of the guys and dolls I train every week.

We wined and dined until they made us leave.  Then we mozied into the Dragon Fly bar and kept the party rolling!  After all, this was a milestone celebration of success.  ETS splurgd on ten years of dedicated strides and hurdles that equal success.

Our sparking evening ended in a sham. My Mr. Chicken Fry managed to get scammed out of a whopping $80 bucks!  Talk about a zsa zsa zee extinguisher!   We were in a cab and Mr. Chicken Fry couldn’t make it home without a can of chewing tobacco. (eye roll) The round can of cool mint long cut Skoal was calling his name. While standing at the drive thru window he was approached by a dude with a wad of cash requesting change for a $100. Being a nice guy, Chicken Fry dug into his wallet to make change. He expressed his apology because he only had $80. The guy snatched his cash and tossed Chicken Fry a crisp $100 bill.   “Thanks, $80 will do”, he said.  Mystery man finished filling up and drove away.  When we arrived home Mr. Chicken Fry presented the $100 to our cab driver as payment.  The driver quickly balked at the COUNTERFEIT bill.  😳😳😳. 🤑At first we didn’t believe him.  🤑Totally🤑 blind sided and in shock we paid ad rushed inside to examine more closely. Made for motion picture use only.  The feux replica wasn’t shabby!  Can you believe it?  Mr. Chicken Fry was set up! Bye bye, zsa zsa zee!    

This was my view for the better party of the weekend.  Thankfully, an elf, sweet friend Christmas angel brought me some “voo doo” homeopathic goodies.

  A beautiful baggie full of all natural feel good remedies landed on my porch to help revive me from my pain.  I was popping these unmarked tablets like candy.  I shut the engines down and called the squat on the couch.  Mr. Chicken Fry kindly made a cozy fire to keep me warm.  I ate Progresso soup and canned ravioli.   I slept like a baby for two nights in a row.  Two nights of 10-12 hours of sleep can do wonders for a human being.

By Sunday I was a 85% better.  I changed out of my sick pajamas and put on my under armor on and took my repaired body out the gym.  I turned up the heat and hit the tradmill for a quick mile. Me and baby girl did a thirty minute sweat session followed by 25 minutes of cardio on the eliptical.  My head is still congested but it’s nothing like monster throbbing headache I had.  Who’s got time to be sick the week before Christmas?   No gimpy wimpy whining for me.  I’m feeling zesty and fired up for Monday.   My Zsa Zsa Zee is back and in full swing!

How was your weekend?  How do you bounce back when you’re feeling crummy?  

Love, sleep and strut your zsa zsa zee!  Merry Kissmas  ♥

Angi xo 


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