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Tid Bit Tuesday: Body Weight 

You’re ready!  Your mind is made up!  You’re worn out and fed up with feeling frumpy.  The giant man sweaters you wear to cover up and the big tent T-shirt that swallow you whole will soon be a thing of Christmas past.  Your new mindset is on full tilt.  You feel it…you’re a little nervous but excited and you should be because you’re on the brink of shrink.

Let the news ring out, “hark the herald angels sing…you don’t need fancy equipment to get lean.”

When in doubt use your clout!  All of the unwanted body fat is about to come in handy!  It’s all yours so why not use it to lose it?  Your very own body weight doesn’t cost a thing…for free ninety-nine you are going to abuse it for all it’s worth.

Forget a fancy gym membership.  You have been down that rocky road before and the big gym atmosphere was not your thing.  Maybe you felt awkward and out-of-place.  Skip the overwhelming buffet of confusing gym equipment and use what you know best, your very own body weight!  The distraction of the other “FIT folks” who seem to know what they heck they are doing leave you frazzled.  FITget about it!  

From the comfort of your own home you have the ability to get strong and seriously sweaty  using your body! The bedroom, office, bathroom or living room is ample space to work some classic plyomectrics.  Sister, it’s time to dump the frump.

Get your play list plugged in and use the below exercises an outline to get started melting the FRUMPY FAT off that gorgeous figure of yours!  Whittle out those luscious curves and chisel a tight middle.

Begin with some plain o’l squats.  Sit back into your heels and move your butt toward the floor as if you were going to sit down into a chair.  Legs hip/ shoulder width apart.  Start with 15 reps.  If you have light weights by all means use them!  As you progress do more reps and add heavier weights!

Super set the squats with 10 reps of single leg squats.  These suckers require balance testing the core and sculpting the glutes and quads.   If needed, lightly hold on to something sturdy to help keep you stable.

Next, move onto the floor for a plank pose.  From your forearms come up onto your toes.  Try holding the pose for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  Each week add 10 seconds to your time. When you have reached a solid minute add some challengers.  Raise an arm and the opposite leg creating more focus on the core.  Remember to draw the naval in towards your spine.  Keep it tight and BREATH!

Tricep dips are no joke!  Wave goodbye to the blubber dangling in the wind from the back side of your arm.  From a sturdy chair, dip down and give me 15-30 tricep dips.  Just after you finish…super set these bad boys with some diamond pushups.  Start on your knees and work up to the big girl push ups which result in smoking hot lean arms!

Never second guess the age-old LUNGE!  If you have the room, try alternating walking lunges.  Otherwise alternating front static lunges will  suffice.  Beginners start off with 6-8 reps on each leg.  Be sure you exaggerate your step and keep your ankle and knee in alignment .   On week two,  try backward lunges and mix it up!

Want to work your love handles?  Thought so.  Find a bench or sturdy chair…side of a bed or couch is also feasible.  From your forearm, stack your feet and allow your body to dip down and push back thru pressing your hips upward.  Feel that?  Oh yeah, melt the muffin top!  Try 8-10 reps on each side.

the highlighted links include videos including awesome body weight exercises: push ups, full sit ups, super mans, plie squats, good mornings/cherry pickers, hip thrusts and many more.

Start today….you’re on the brink of shrink!

Love, deflate, and work your body weight!  

Angi xo

**Please consult a doctor to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise.  Angi Abercrombie nor Abercrombie and FITness are responsible or liable for injuries sustained during any or all suggested exercises.  

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