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Best & Worst 2016


How did 2016 treat you?  When you reflect on the last 12 months do you feel closer to someone, accomplished, balanced or just a year older?  Do you have more or fewer boundaries?  Do you feel super FIT, frumpy and lumpy, further behind or ahead in this crazy game of life?

If you ask me, I feel “incredible hulkish” stronger. In almost every sense, I feel stronger emotionally and physically. I drew my energy from the one true source, the creator…JESUS.  This past year I dug deep and spent quality time reading devotionals and  studying the BIBLE…so thirsty for HIS word.  And true to form, Jesus brought the light and strength! Through hours of prayer, I started this whole blogging gig and it flipped the switch on my creative side.  It has provided a fun outlet for me to share my disturbing, quirky humor, passion for FITness and most of all tattle tell on my beloved clients.  I hope it blesses you as the reader as much as it blesses me to write.

I take pride in my work as a professional personal trainer and health coach. I research and practice all things FITness and health.  I contort and stretch my body, I try the popular super health foods and sample supplements  I even begrudgingly recently tried a green spinach, lemon, ginger juice concoction.  I hunt for effective low cost remedies and  hot two for one bargains from active wear to skin care!  You might say I go above and beyond the call of duty to keep my creative juices flowing. I have sacrificed a gazillion sore muscles and sour stomach aches all for the love of my followers and clients YOU ♥!

Mostly, I get rave reviews on my custom workout programs!  I do my due diligence to keep  the exercises fresh so our muscles are always guessing.  I have to bring my “A” game because my boutique gym is a limited small space.  Most of my near and dear clients basically think I make stuff up just to see if they will do it.  My motto is, if it ain’t LIT you can’t quit!  All of this being said, I will ever stop using some of the nostalgic classics like squats, lunges, planks and sit ups.  These FITness staples are consistently in the rotation at Abercrombie and FITness.  It is with pleasure that I handwrite every workout session to make it unique for a total body tone.

Through my investigative work this year I introduced about 25 new exercises into the mix.   Out of all the stellar exercises I brought to the table a good 15% were quickly labeled undesirable.  That’s when I know I have fulfilled my role as a legit LIT trainer.  People aren’t paying me to bake cookies and braid their hair.

None of the wimpy groans or pouting make a bit of difference anymore.  I’ve become completely numb  to the heavy sighs and grunts. So without further a do, I give you the best and worst exercises of 2016, according to the mighty sweat angels at Abercrombie and FITness.


The cage.

My power cage packs a punch.  I have been told that anything involving the cage is unnerving.  Hanging abs, pull ups, heavy bar squats, TRX and lat pulls and or tricep skull crushers. None of these efficient exercises ever get a nice round of applause.

The warrior crawl. This military style move is super unpopular but highly effective for the abs and shoulders. WHOO WHAH

Crab position toe taps.  These were not a huge hit.  They require great strength and skill which is why they will remain in the rotation.

Push up lat pulls almost always bring a frown.

Leg lifts squeezing a weight between your feet can be frightening and not high on the totem pole for most.

The green carpet runs the gamut on eye rolling huffing and puffing exercises. I have a  very special piece of astrotruf that I roll out when the weather works.  Pushing the plate using your hands and driving your legs forward is by far the worst one!


Deadlifts. Dead lifts are usually loved by all.  I have never met a person that minds or whines about working their hamstrings. There is something about making the sweep!

Spider Push Ups no matter what you see or hear are down right fun.

Lean Backs are silent killers on just above the knee cap.  These babies work the hamstring and that muscle just above the knee.

COMBO exercises. Deadlift curl press, curtsy lunge side lateral, pile’ up right row, and d deadlift back lung front lateral received a warm welcome because they kill several birds with one stone!    Werk it so we can tweak it!!!

NEW for 2017

Be on the look out for these five star moves.  Coming soon to Abercrombie and FITness.

Hand stand push ups

Wall walks 

and much more.

Love, peace and stay away from the grease!  xo


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