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Love & Lacrosse 

♥Happy Valentines Day love bugs!♥  

I see many of you decided to love on yourself and register for the Abercrombie & FITness virtual FITogether challenge which begins today.  FYI… In lieu of Valentines Day, I politely extended enrollment just in case you feel frisky and want to sign up!

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the FITogether 6 week FITness challenge.  I get so excited every time a new person signs up!   In case you missed it, to enroll, click on the link this link FITogether the weight is over!   and follow the instructions or simply send and email to As your virtual FITness trainer I will provide you a step by step meal plan , eating tips and two custom workout videos a week.

This past weekend was opening day of the girls lacrosse Spring season.  We had amazing sunny warm weather in north Texas which made the conditions perfectly pleasant.  My  teen queen, has been playing this FITnominal sport for 5 years.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking to engage your son or daughter in a fun team sport, lacrosse has got it going on.  (the boys and girls lacrosse game is drastically different)

How many ways do I love the game of girls lacrosse…let me count the ways…

  1. competitive team sport
  2. classy and sassy aka the uniforms are cute…sleeveless jersey, athletic mini-skort, matching socks, cleats, headband, sport goggles, lacrosse stick and mouth piece
  3. outdoor sport which translates it can be canceled due to inclement weather!!!!
  4. involves hand eye coordination using the ball and stick
  5. RUNNING  – lots of cardio
  6. agility, fast feet and speed
  7. stamina and endurance
  8. camaraderie: playful cheering and coaching
  9. minor contact sport with lots of charisma
  10. girl growls
  11. NOT a UIL sport
  12. college scholarships
  13. hour games with a small half time
  14. fast paced game

In some areas of the country, girls lacrosse is huge.  It’s a fairly new and growing sport in Texas.  I would say that in the past 5 years the youth and high school level have steadily increased.  It’s certainly a sport to try with minimal investment. In most cases, the equipment at the clinics and camp is provided.

When baby girl asked to try lacrosse I rolled my eyes and said “really?”  I mean at that point she had already experienced dance, cheer, guitar, piano, acting, soccer, volleyball and softballI.  I signed her up for a basic skills clinic and that was the beginning of the lacrosse love affair.  From that point on baby girl never looked back.  It was the missing link that had finally captured her attention.  I recall picking her sweaty flushed face up from lacrosse camp in June, mid afternoon, Texas heat expecting her to beg me not to make her go back.  To my shock she was pleading for more lessons and camps.

I worked that out the old fashioned way.  I hunted down a sweet young high school level skilled player for $20 buck an hour to hone in on her stick stills and ground balls.  Later, when we realized that this was more than a phase,  we purchased a bounce back goal because I was zero help at catch and release.

Man, it’s so awesome when it clicks and your kid finds their niche.  A sport or skill they can really sink their teeth into.  One where you aren’t pushing or bargaining, constantly negotiating or flat out paying them to go to practice.  Before lacrosse, I had not seen this side of my child.  She would come home from school, finish her homework, have a snack, load up her lax gear and have it ready and waiting by the back door for 5:30pm practice.  WHOA baby!

Before lax, I would use the typical mom tactics…”i’ll buy you a smoothie if you practice the guitar for an hour when we get home.”  So silly…

Anyway…I highly recommend giving this sport a shot.  When I see my teen queen scream down the field, turn, burn, plant and shoot the ball for a goal, my heart leaps for joy!  It’s incredible.

Now, when I found FITness it was NOT love at first sight.  It’s hard…training is a beast.  But like any sport or hobby  practice makes perfect.

What’s your niche?  Where is your heart?

Love, find your FIT and don’t quit!





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