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The weight is over

How’s life treating you?  Better yet, how are you FITness goals lining up?

Are you ready for real lasting change?

If the answer is yes,  you’ve  come to the right place because I have a sweet deal for you.  I’m feeling the frisky February love and I think you should get in on the action.  I have officially named my virtual training program.  It’s called FITogether by Abercrombie and FITness.  That’s right…I’m your coach and we are going to get and stay FITogether.

Thanks to high tech technology…we can communicate via email, you tube, wordpress, text and that age-old dinosaur called the phone. No matter where you live or how far you are…I will train you to the best of my ability.  All I need is your consent and commitment. ♥

This coming Monday is the first of a 6 week FITogether FITness challenge!  A high intensity interval training format coupled with a healthy meal plan.

The wait/weight is over.   

This could be the beginning of monumental weight loss and new love affair with food.  You are on the brink of stamina and energy that you haven’t felt in a long while.  You’re excited right now…I know it!

Here is the deal, you can easily stay right where you are and keep eating the same crap and feeling like crap.  Nothing will change!

But if you take a leap and commit to a full 6 weeks…I guarantee results or your money  back.

What kind of RESULTS are we talking about?  I’m talking about results that matter.

When you stop eating like crap, you stop feeling like crap.

When you start exercising and moving your body you feel better.

Your energy level will increase.

Your attitude will improve.

You will make new friends

Your love life will drastically change.

You will set a better example for your kids or co-workers.

Your waist line will shrink.

You will drop a size or more.

Your doctor will be happy with your lab work.

You will sleep better.

You gain confidence.

Learn how to make food work for you!  

My six-week strategy is the catalyst to push you over the stubborn hump.  This will help you get those last 10 pounds off or get the ball rolling to lose the first five!  It’s a generous offer and sweet deal.   You are in the drivers seat!  You decide when and where you workout.  I provide the instructional workout so you don’t have to think!  


 ♥FITogether 6 week challenge – Cost is $100♥

  1. Two workouts a week for six weeks.  Instructional you tube videos and encouraging daily emails from me.
  2. Three 30 minute cardio sessions.  (at your leisure)
  3. Follow my simple, basic, healthy, you will not starve, meal plan.

It’s that simple.  The trifecta of FITness is knocking on your door!

Don’t you just love a challenge?

If you change your mind you have until Monday at noon to submit your entry. Invite a friend and share the love!

Here’s how to enroll.

  1. send me an email
  2. I will send you a confidentially disclosure form and payment instructions. (PayPal)
  3. Once I receive payment and the disclosure form you will receive the meal plan and the first two workouts for week one!  The workout video will be posted to You Tube each Monday.
  4. Follow my social media sites for encouragment and FITness tips.


My meal plan outlines how to shop and meal prep.  The weight is over.  It’s time for a FIT physique, new attitude, new relationship with food and much more!

Come on let’s get FITogether!

Love, lift and be FIT!






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