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No re-LAXing at Aggieland

Lacrosse, also knows as LAX, is steadily becoming a widely popular sport in the more southern states. Boys and girls alike are flocking to engage in this outdoor game played with a hard ball and a stick.

Our daughter…the teen queen I often speak about, has been playing this gritty hustle sport since the 3rd grade.  It’s a fast physical game and very entertaining to watch.  Players sprint up and down the field following and making plays to ultimately drill the ball into the net for a goal.  Check this oldie but goodie out…


Love & Lacrosse 

This past weekend the Coppell High School freshman and sophomores played in the annual Aggieland LAX tournament.  Now before I get all braggy and gloating about their championship win, you must understand the circumstances that recently surrounded our team.  For starters, we lost our coach just after the fall tournament in November.  Without warning she announced her resignation which was shocking news because she was technically under contract.  She was leaving us in a bit of a pickle scrambling to find a replacement coach for the Spring season. God was oh so faithful and just before Christmas,  news surfaced that we had solidified a new coach, Brandie Leach.

This mother of two knows a thing or two about competitive sports.  She hails from New Jersey, where she played lacrosse in high school and the Canadian National Lacrosse team.  This took her to Austin and ultimately she became the coach of the girls lacrosse for the University of Texas for 12 seasons.

With some fresh blood and wind in our sails our team was ready for a taste VICTORY. After only four practices with the new coach, our girls took to the field Saturday and slayed.


This group of girls played lights out winning 5 games in two days under our new leadership.  They played with heart and for good reason.  They wanted to bring the title CHAMPIONS home and so they did.  It was such a thrill.

College station is a growing hot spot college town.  It was buzzing with families visiting for frat and sorority events and soccer and lax tournaments.  Friday night we hit up a new hot spot restaurant called Porters.  It’s a very nice upscale steak house.  The ambience is cool and it’s basically right beside The George hotel.


Porters is an open concept kitchen and bar with a family friendly vibe.



We also found a well-rounded joint for brunch called Cafe Eccell.  It was here that I ate perhaps the best guacamole I have ever tasted.  Spicy and chunky just the way I like it.  Cafe Eccell was a perfect lunch or dinner stop for a refuel and warm up in between games.   Full bar and bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s on Sunday.


More about LAX

Lacrosse is technically a Spring sport.  At the high school level which means two-hour practices three times a week coupled with a game or two.  It certainly keeps the teens busy and active which is the goal…(no pun intended)  Lacrosse is not a UIL sport which means that it is not associated nor regulated under the high school UIL guidelines.  For instance football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, drill team, cheer, band, and tennis all operate under UIL rules.  This means these sports receive a certain amount of funding  and count as a high school elective credit. Our booster club does a great job making sure that Coppell High School and the community recognize our boys and girls lacrosse teams.

Speaking of recognigition…#11 on Coppell Lax was recognized and noticed for her moves on the field.  She was honored as the MVP in the championship game.  #11 also happens to be our very own teen queen.  To say that we were elated would be an understatement.


Additionally, Mr. Chicken Fry and I are beyond thrilled to announce that she made the varsity girls lacrosse team for 2019. We can’t wait to watch all of the talented athletes play this amazing sport.  


The George

After dinner Friday and Saturday night we hung our hats at The George.  The boutique hotel that we fell in love with last year.  Sadly it was booked solid as was the adjoining hotel the  Calvary Court.

Lucky for us we snagged a room at the nearby ALoft by Marriott.  While it was as posh and lux as the Goerge, the ALoft had plnty of personality.  Decorated bright and modern and the lobby included pool tables, couches for lounging and a bar.  No question that I spent about and hour in the FITness facility.  Check out this quick workout.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.



Don’t forget…my virtual training program can be done from anywhere.  A hotel, a college town, a hotel room or a big boxed gym.  It’s not just for teens or college kids.  It ‘s all ages, all FITness levels and has proven results.  Sign up today and get your physique in check before Spring is sprung.

After playing two games on Saturday, the girls had a team dinner at the GRUB.  This is one of many burger bar joints with a hip atmosphere.  The Grub Burger Bar had a great menu with burgers, salads and a hefty cocktail menu.  That night as the sun went down  the sky was beautiful.  From The GRUB. patio.  It was hard to believe that we were in College Station, Texas.


Once the tean dinner was complete, the girls were routed back to their hotel HOME2 to get some shut-eye.  Mr. Chicken Fry and I along with some fellow families made our way to the CANTEEN, a bar/ restaurant across from the Geoorge.  The Canteen featured live music, fire and outdoor heaters.

Everything about that area is NICE.  It’s not overrun with college kids.  It’s more adult like but not lacking in food, entertainment or inspiring design.


The three-hour drive from Coppell, Texas to Aggieland was worth it.  The early morning games in the foggy cold rain was worth it.  Braving the windy elements was beyond worth it.  This team came to play and they didn’t back down.  It was obvious their confidence was growing with each high scoring game.  They began to execute beautiful plays and soared into the finals with gusto.

Congrats to all of these winners.  WE can’t wait for the season to start!

Love, hustle and flex your muscles.



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